The SNERDAPERDS is an artist and entertainer from the Great State of Washington, with a healthy appetite, wonderful sense of adventure and glaring disdain for filling out things that are self congratulatory. You’ve found his website and you should probably add it to the list of places you’ve gone to once on the internet and probably won’t be back to. Things you’ll find here include articles written by SNERD and some of his friends, a contact page, social media links, and even short biography, which you are currently reading now.

He resides in Banjo Country, North Carolina, living with his wife and dog.

For those of you looking to contact the SNERDAPERDS, click HERE to be redirected to a contact form.

Some SNERD Artwork

If you click on any of the artwork, it opens into a “full size” version, so it’s easier to steal if you want to pass off my nonsense as yours, or show it to your mom, or something.
I’m probably not in the financial position to sue you, but, don’t steal my shit ’cause it’s not nice, cool?

Some other ways to find and catch your own SNERDAPERDS are…

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