FemiNAZI: The Triggering

If you’re looking for a game of redpill memes that was slammed out of the studio faster than a fat chick eats a box of perogies, go ahead and buy Feminazi: The Triggering.

I’m not going to say the game is made well. There’s not even a clear indication of what buttons to press, you just kinda have to figure it out as you go, but, I think most third wave feminists are just figuring it out as they go also.

I understand this game wasn’t made in a vacuum, and that it’s social commentary on the hyper-sensitive whiny crybaby college aged feminist community that exists in our world, but, the guys who made the game really forgot about making the game fun when they just decided to insult a major demographic for no reason other than “for the lulz”.

First, you build your feminist. You have all the stereotypical hairstyles, shirts, and even a ton of genders to pick from. I prefer attack chopper, but, I went with non-binary to see if it really mattered. From what I can tell, even picking your standard straight male doesn’t really change the outcome. I think if I ever accidentally turn this game on again, I’m changing my gender to mayo, though. Once you get your feminist set up with her “kill all men” flag and rainbow T-Shirt, bulky glasses, and “I want to see your manager” haircut, you go into the actual game where you have a time limit to insult as many white people as possible, while shaming skinny women, and treating every brown person special.

I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out the buttons, because they’re not clearly listed anywhere. Once I figured that out, I started insulting white people and calling women with children out for accepting the patriarchy. I felt special, and I enjoyed my safe spaces with impunity. I accepted immigrants, called women skags for being too skinny, and found plenty of backup glasses and tampons strewn about the world. It was not fun. At all.

Even the mini-games aren’t fun. There’s an arena game, a DDR clone, and a few others. They are just… miniature crappy games inside a big lame game. The low-effort attempt at cashing in on the MRA stance is almost as annoying as the feminists they are mocking.

I caution you, don’t buy this game if you’re looking for something that resembles gameplay, even for two bucks. While I totally celebrate games made by small studios, this game doesn’t carry enough actual solvent gameplay to be anything more than a browser game. If you must have it, wait for it to be in a bundle or something. Giving money to people because they created an interactive meme is silly, and we should be rewarding hard work and
incredible storytelling, or at least meme games that are actually fun, too. Like Rogue Stache.

Check it out on Steam.
Disclosure: I got this game for free.
Developed by: Hyperborean Games and Svarog Studios
Produced by: Back to Basics Gaming

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