First Look: Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta

So apparently I lucked out big time with my GR:W Open Beta invite. I received my invite from the NVIDIA Experience software I had installed. I asked around to all my friends who also had that same software installed and no one else had gotten an invite. This was my first beta experience for this game so I do not have earlier beta versions to compare it to like I did with For Honor.


Right off the bat GR:W began to induce flashbacks to The Division. For the reader’s information I played the fucking shit out of The Division. For 1 month. And then ran out of content. Don’t get me wrong, that first month of game play was a lot of fun. It even caused my CSGO team to forget CSGO even existed for that entire month. But then the truth behind this game showed its ugly head. It was an MMO with no endgame content! After discovering what kind of future this game had, I uninstalled it faster than McAfee. So when GR:W spawned me in the game as a team of 4 I was immediately skeptical. Then I noticed how the game can be played solo or as a squad of 4 buddies and did not have a stupid fucking “Dark Zone” like The Division. The game also had a video introduction from one of the developers. He said that the beta only contained 1 of the 21 regions that would be playable on release. Then I took a look at the available map and it’s already almost larger than The Division Map, which was comforting.

So I set out with my squad for our first mission. Go to this place, kill some baddies, and see what’s up, easy enough. Then I noticed how the mission objective is 1.5 km away which is a HUGE distance if we are talking about the Division. But this game isn’t The Division and I have to keep telling myself that. Also, keep in mind I knew absolutely nothing about this game before I jumped into the beta, so I literally had no idea what to expect. I noticed a car park next to my group so I went to see if I could drive it and I could! And my team of bots jumped in with me! We are officially out here. So I started driving down the road towards my objective and the driving is smooth enough, it’s nothing like GTA’s driving but most of the roads in this game are dirt which makes sense. As I approach my objective, the game says to press “F” for team to engage, I did and all my buddies stuck their heads out of the window and killed all the assholes waiting for me at the objective. How nice of them! So I interrogate one of the assholes we left alive and he tells us the person we are looking for is to the south, then I shoot his ass. So my team and I all pile up into a Jeep and head south towards the next objective.


When I arrive there, the game teaches you how to use Drones. Drones are going to be a huge part of this game. With them you can scout out enemy bases and target the enemies on your map. You can even give out assignments to your squad with the drone, such as move, attack, etc. So my team and I move in like the fucking 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and lay waste to all the assholes on the base. After basking in our glorious victory, we find a friendly on the base who asks us to take him somewhere else. The map shows our next objective is 3.7 kilometers away, and I think to myself, well that’s a fucking long ways away. Then I notice the helicopter sitting in the front yard. Holy fuck this game keeps getting better and better. My squad, myself and our new friend all jump in the helicopter and head off to our next adventure. This is as far as I really got in the beta, didn’t have as much time for it as I thought I would. First Impression: Like The Division, but 20x bigger map and a little GTA sprinkled in. But I do have access to the next beta so expect a part 2 after the next beta.

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