Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander might be the greatest fucking game I have ever put my hands on. This game was released back in September of 2016 and on release the game was amazing. It was an actually finished product, that was loads of fun and worked. But the developers didn’t stop there. Sure they could have taken all that money from GabeN and peaced out, but no. At the time of writing this review in February of 2017, Halcyon 6 has received continuous updates since release based on player feedback and suggestions. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!! So I’ll stop sucking the developers dick now and actually talk about the game, but I just want to make a point about how awesome the people behind this game are.

In Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, you are the last of the humans in the known galaxy. It is your job to ensure mankind’s survival and you have one tool at your disposal. It is your home, your final stand, your starbase, The Halcyon 6. So the general premise of this game is to upgrade your home using various resources, gathering more of those resources and fighting off all sorts enemies and attacks. Some of these enemies may become friends, some of them you will conquer and some of them will not rest until humanity is destroyed. The enemy factions you encounter are very unique and each have their own quirks and opinions. It is up to the player to decide how to handle each enemy.


On the surface Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, looks just like a strategy game with a neat retro art style. It is no doubt a strategy game, but has lots more to offer than just that. So you start out your home and you have to upgrade it using resources either generated inside your base or gathered from local planets. You also choose your first Commander. This is where the RPG part starts!

There are three types of Commanders: Healers, DPS and Tanks. I always start out with a healer, I don’t really know why I guess I’m just a pussy. So after choosing your first commander, you build him a ship to pilot. Just like Commanders there are 3 types of ships to choose from: Healer, DPS and Tank. But also there are 2 ships to choose from for each role. An example of this would be the DPS ships being either a ranged or melee attack ship. Also, the Commanders you choose, come with random stats generated, you are not allowed to edit the stats and abilities, but have the ability to reroll their stats before you choose them. It is important to keep these abilities in mind because it is very important you synergize your abilities with the abilities of the ships. Yeah it sounds confusing but once you start playing it’s really easy to understand. Currently the game features two types of combat. Those are space battles and on-ground battles. Space battles are fought in space between spaceships using the ships and commanders abilities to fight enemies. The on-ground battles take place either on your own star base or on other planets with hostiles. In these each commander has their own set of abilities that are different from their ships, to fight enemies. The battles are your basic rpg fight, like an old Final Fantasy, but has a lot to offer with chain abilities and environmental conditions affecting every battle you have.


A lot of the events that occur in the game are randomly generated which guarantees a different experience each time you play. Since this is a survival game, there’s a high chance your first attempt might not go so well. Shed some tears for your loss, then put your big boy pants on and reroll. No one ever said saving mankind would be easy.


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Disclosure: We DID NOT receive a copy of this game for free. I bought it because I liked it.

Check out the Developers and Publishers: Massive Damage, Inc.


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