Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D metroidvania game created by independent developers Team Cherry. In this game you play an unnamed hero who has made it their duty to defeat the darkness and bring peace back to the land. Where most metroidvanias seemed to be focused on ranged attacks, this game focuses more on melee combat. Yes, there are ranged attacks, but they are used situationally. The game also has a warning screen that recommends players use a controller when playing, and for good reason too. As far as movement and combat are concerned, they are superb. The inputs are extremely responsive and accurate. Because the melee combat is done so well, this game comes off as a Dark Souls metroidvania, making this game is much more difficult than others of this genre, which may be a turnoff for some. But that is not the case for me, THIS GAME IS MY SHIT!!!

The first thing you will notice about the game is its wonderful art style. This game was completely hand drawn, making for some extremely beautiful and detailed environments. Each of the enemies you come across feel unique and scary, because each enemy has their own fight pattern. The friendly NPCs are both entertaining and adorable, who all speak in a different version of gibberish only adding more to their cuteness. The sound of this game is also amazing. So for most of the games I review, I listen to the games sounds and music for about the first 10 minutes or so, until I get fed up or annoyed with it and then just listen to my own jams. I currently have 17 hours of playtime in this game and have listened to the game’s soundtrack 100% of that time. There are some amazing death sounds from enemies. Also whenever you get hit in this game you really “feel” it, the sound makes a loud thud, then kind of dazes you until you can recover, very similar to how getting hit in “For Honor” felt.

As far as exploration and progression are concerned, the game really doesn’t give you a clear direction and you are kind of left to forge your own path. This can also be very frightening for inexperienced players, as this can feel very daunting. Also your map does not update as you travel. You must purchase maps for new areas, then explore those areas, then rest in game to update your map with your new discoveries. I really enjoyed this mechanic because it forces you to use your brain and not use your map as a crutch, which is something I often do in metroidvanias. There isn’t even a minimap! This game also features a “Charms” system, that allow you to customize your hero to your own play style. There are 36 different charms for you to choose from, but you are only allowed to equip a certain number of charms, depending on how far you’ve progressed your character. I really enjoy this feature, because it allows your to play the game how YOU want to play. I won’t get into detail about all of the charms because there are so many to chose from. But the charms I used the most are:  Gathering Swarm(picks up money that you missed because I’m lazy), Dash Master(Gotta go fast!), and Wayward Compass (Shows your current location on the map). This game also has no shortage of enemies and bosses to fight with new challenges awaiting every turn. Also I mentioned I have 17 hours of time played so far and the end is still not in sight. So this game provides loads of content for such a small fee.

That’s as much detail as I want to get into about the game, I want to leave the rest of the surprises for you guys to find on your own. I would also like to announce that this is my submission for our “Game of the Year” Award for 2017. It feels like this game was made for me. That being said, if you are new to this genre or not a fan of difficult games, then you might want to hold off and play some easier titles in this genre, such as “Axiom Verge”. But if you think you are up to the challenge of cleansing the darkness from our world, then get to it, the world’s not going to cleanse itself. Stand strong little warrior.

Check out Hollow Knight on the Steam Store

Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developer and Publisher: Team Cherry

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