So last week I had the pleasure of reviewing an amazing game known as Icey. Icey is an action adventure game with an ingenious twist. The game features a “Narrator” who is constantly aware of the players actions and makes comments on them. The Narrator adds to the entire game play experience by constantly breaking the 4th wall and getting upset with the player for disobeying commands, making for some hilarious interactions.

In this game you play as Icey, a female robot who has just been activated. Your objective is to kill Judas an evil robot who is destroying the planet. The combat in the game is very smooth and easy to learn. There are a lot of different attacks in this game that can be purchased and leveled up using ingame currency at any of the save points. This allows you to bust out some very lengthy combo attacks. But what really sets this game apart is the narrator and the story of the game. I don’t want to give too much away, but the narrator of this game is very similar to the one in The Stanley Parable. But where the narrator of SP really just comments on your actions, the one in Icey give you more directions on where to go into the game and gets really upset when you don’t listen to him.

With that being said, the only real complaint I have about this game is its length. The main story line can be finished within a few hours(Note: I played on Easy). But this game has a lot of opportunities to disobey the narrator and do something completely different from the main mission, leaving to some potential backtracking. I do recommend beating this game 100% and get all of the achievements because each one of those opens a completely new and entertaining conversations with the narrator. So after I 100% this game it came out to 7.1 hours of game time. That may seem short compared to other games, but the level of quality and entertainment in this game far surpasses other games. Also it only runs $11 on Steam making this game a bargain.

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Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for free.

Developer: Shanghai FantaBlade Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Publisher: X.D. Network Inc.

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