Let’s Preview: CrossCode

In a world full of sketchy Steam and Early Access titles, it’s rare to find developers that don’t take advantage of their customers. But, there are always those who actually care about their product and their customers. A great example of this are the fine folks at Radical Fish Games. They are currently working on a great game known as CrossCode.

The game CrossCode takes place in an alternate video game universe where real people are players in a large MMORPG style world. You play the part of Lea, an android sent into the game by the creators to investigate some stage issues they have been encountering. Since Lea is an android, she has to keep her origin secret from the other players, which yields some very comedic interactions. The gameplay is like one of the old 2D Zelda titles, or like Hyper Light Drifter, a game I’ve already reviewed, with the big difference being your character, Lea, uses only ranged attacks. Since this game takes place in an MMORPG universe, the story progresses using quests, so the gameplay never feels stale. Keep in mind this game is still in development, but from the material they have released, the future of this game looks very bright. Another thing that should be mentioned are the quality of the updates that are being released. Every update has something to get excited about. The developers even use the Steam Community Hub to communicate with their customers and use their suggestions to help create a better game. That’s all I really have to say about the game in its current state. I just feel that it’s important to commend developers that actually keep their word and care about their customers. Expect a much lengthier review once the game has been completed.


Get Crosscode on Steam

Disclosure: I did NOT receive a copy of this game for free(I bought it because it looked fun!)

Developer: Radical Fish Games

Publisher: Deck13

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