Sumoman starts out on a boat returning home to see family, and… everyone you see along the way is asleep. You can jump reasonably, and even run, but, don’t trip yourself up, ‘cause the moment you fall over, you’re stuck unless you can magically rewind time, like we know all sumos can. (Trust me, I know personally.)

Graphics have a weird, melty cartoon look to them that I appreciate, the title screen music is somehow both asian-inspired and a banjo or country-western style and a mandolin, but, I don’t know anything about music other than the music in this game doesn’t make me want to drown puppies, I suppose it reminds me of the Pink Panther for some reason? But, like always, watch the trailer if you want to know about that kind of stuff. It’s usually spot on, unless there’s weird graphical glitches or just ONE really cool song they throw into the trailer.

One thing I can for sure talk about, though, is the controls. It feels like during the design phase, somebody was working on a game about a ninja or something, and somehow created a control scheme that just… felt like you were playing a really fat guy. The rest had to follow. You can’t just leap forward, you need momentum from moving on the ground, you cannot catch your toe on something without doing a forward roll. You can’t stop your momentum in the air, and you can’t just climb up on top of something next to you. You ARE a sumo wrestler… with a vertical that would get you hired in the NBA.

The controls are excellent. I was really frustrated by them at points, like, standing next to a box and trying to jump up onto it, but, once you learn the rules of the system, they will never fail you. This is awesome, and it’s the only way a physics based puzzle game seems fair.

As far as playing a sumo, I think they went a bit heavy handed with making him “really enjoy food” and stuff, but, it’s not like they went ham making fat jokes everywhere. It’s pretty classy how they handled a fat character, honestly. (See that, you bacon-crazed “body positives” I even addressed your issues! I’m a damn hero!)

This game is fair, but man, is it a challenge. Most of the puzzles took me probably twice as long as they should have, and, I felt silly trying to figure out how it worked. I think that’s the point though. The difficulty in figuring out the puzzles is directly opposing how silly the game is. My only direct complaints is I had ONE freeze,and whenever I close the game, it won’t close, I have to manually close it by right clicking on it in my bar to get it to crash to desktop. It’s really a small thing, but, thought I’d mention it.

As far as big picture, if you’re into puzzle games with physics, and would enjoy a protagonist with a little meat on his bones, this is a pretty solid game for less than 20 bucks. Varied levels, humorous deaths, and having the ability to rewind are pretty cool features. Some of the puzzles just seem incredibly hard, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Perhaps I’m not inventive or at least understanding the developer’s wants or needs, but, they just seem super hard. It’s okay, persevere and you too will one day have a different color sumo diaper.

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