Let’s Preview: Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins is what Rimworld would be if you had even less control over your individual workers, in a world where you can’t make hats out of dead bodies, and the tone of the game is much more serious. This isn’t a bad thing though. It’s just another interesting take on the genre spawned out of real time strategy or city building – it’s about building a colony against the odds… with some god powers.

The game is currently in early access as I’m writing this, so, these things are subject to change, but, I should mention these things. The graphics are SUPER small. It’s neat, because you can see everything going on at once, and without losing out on valuable information. The UI is a little unwieldy, but with all the options available to the player, it might just be a necessary evil. The in-game music is fantastic, it’s just chill island jams and some of that epic “Adventure” music. The sounds for cutting down trees and building is spot on.

The difficulty of the game isn’t in surviving, though, not in a traditional “find the food” way, at least. The major difficulty lies in the enemies swarming your little settlement, so it’s important to build defensive structures. Your villagers will defend themselves, but, not well. You can build them weapons and armor to make them tougher, but it’s still a hard go for them. Set up a bow tower and let them really hold the enemies at bay, you’ll have an easier time.

The main things to worry about are food, water, trees, crystals, and stone. Find all of these on the map and build structures using them. Housing your people is incredibly important, but feeding them doesn’t seem like a huge deal. Start simple and don’t build too fast and you’ll be okay. The God powers will help you re-build the forest your people will inevitably have to tear down.

The day/night cycle and the seasons are great additions to the formula, and you’ll starve over winter if you aren’t careful. The buildings do not hold unlimited quantities, so it’s important to fill your stores when you can, if you fill up on useless junk though, you can always pull it up to limbo, the game’s “God System” allows you to store stuff that you can send to other camps from a global menu. It’s cool, because you can use it to transfer people from one site to another. The game warns you when you don’t make enough water sources, there’s tons of effort put into the game, and it shows.

Because of the very nature of the Early Access setup on Steam, it’s very easy to miss games like this one. There’s so much garbage on steam and it always feels criminal giving a guy 10 bucks for something that isn’t functional. This isn’t a problem with Rise to Ruins. It’s well developed, thought out, and is being updated constantly. This developer is one of the good guys.

Rise to Ruins is 10 bucks, and, it’s definitely worth 10 bucks if you like the basebuilding genre. It’s not as humorous as Rimworld, nor as in-depth as Dwarf Fortress, but, it’s a solid take on the genre. I would definitely suggest this game. Currently, the learning curve isn’t as steep as either title, so it’s probably a good introduction to the genre. – That being said, you can still get overwhelmed by zombies and they’ll eat every man, woman, and child in the village.


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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed by: Raymond Doerr (The Rayvolution)

Published by: SixtyGig Games

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