Let’s Preview Spiritlands

Spiritlands is a unique clicker game with plenty of customization options to build whatever the heck you want to. The only issue I have with this game at all is it’s price. 10 USD for a clicker game is pretty freakin’ high, even if I have gotten 2 hours out of it thus far. That being said, it’s in early access, so, there’s a lot more going on in development, and,
from what I’ve seen so far, it MIGHT reach that price point. This preview is of the game in Early Access, at Update #2 “The Data Update”.

The Basics:

In this game – you click on tiles and it lowers the amount of resources left in the tile. Each tile has a numerical value, such as “45” and, every time you click it goes down by 1. If you stop clicking on them, they replenish. So, the idea is to click on them to pick up resources and not destroy the resource on the tile by taking it all the way to zero. You do this to get enough resources to build either houses or work points, which, are places that workers go to automate your clicking so you don’t have to ruin your mouse. Upgrade these buildings, defend your land from camps, learn all of the abilities, and, that’s pretty much the whole game.


Graphics and Audio:

The graphics are simple, but logical. Everything upgrades into more modern buildings, and it’s pretty cool looking. Nothing seemed really out of place or weird. I enjoyed the aesthetics. The audio though, is currently placeholder music, hopefully. It’s very common royalty free music, and, while it isn’t terrible, it’s very commonplace and makes the game feel cheap as a result.


Gameplay is interesting , and the quests that are designed as a functional tutorial push you in the right direction, with the exception that it leaves you really barren to follow instead of constructing a pretty base with roads and custom ground tiles. The “Key” system is build to allow you to access bonus materials if you’re building quickly, or to level up your ability to click faster or increase automation speed. The little things in this game, like choosing wher e to place your automated units make it much more of a unique experience than your usual clicker game. It’s a major improvement on the genre entirely, as there’s a functional game aside from “Click on the macguffin and collect resources.”

Defeating the enemy camps seems much too easy, and, the one time I was attacked by one, it couldn’t damage me or threaten anything because I was significantly too powerful for them, even though I didn’t know what I was doing and only had 3 defenders. Once I built a significant defence force, I am sure there was nothing in the game that could touch me.


If you’re a fan of clicker games, and base building games, this will definitely be right up your alley. The gameplay is unique and different enough from either genre to be refreshing, but, at it’s heart, it’s a clicker game with base building elements, so you won’t feel too far out of either genre. The only thing that I see being a problem is that the game costs 10 bucks, and, while I spent a lot of time fooling around with all of the features and things for the review, I only got 2 hours out of what exists now. If this game was in the 5 dollar range, I would say it’s an absolutely magnificent game. I can’t wait to see what kind of improvements the game will have as development continues… and hopefully some custom music!

Check out the game on Steam 

Disclosure: We received a review copy for free.

Developed by: Tall Story Studios 


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