Breaking Fast

Breaking Fast is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot of Mario Party.

The whole concept of the game is to select your breakfast item, and then race other breakfast items to the right side of the screen. There are plenty of obstacles and traps along the way, and other players are your enemy, knock them back or delay them by any means possible! At the end of the time limit, whoever is furthest from the starting line wins.

The audio is simple, but fits. One of the big issues I have with the game currently is that I’ve been trying to play it while in a work meeting, but no volume bar means I have “Blaringly loud” or “Off” and neither of those options work well for me. I had to manually change the volume through my PC Menu, which isn’t a huge issue, but the game should have a volume control in the game’s menu. The graphics are simple, but cute. The great thing is when you’re running and you get frozen it zooms in on your character, shocked look on their face. It’s downright adorable.

From a design standpoint, it’s like someone mixed breakfast, Uniracers, and Mario Kart together. It’s that… two dimensional racing game filled with the most frustrating everybody shoots you with stuff and wrecks your shit combat system in the history of the world. It’s frustratingly difficult to win on skill alone, a lot of luck is involved, which is just the way things work in games like this. Like Mario Kart, Mario Party, ect. This is that kind of game. Against AI, it just randomly beats the shit out of you, but against other players, it seems quite fun. It’s a hectic mess, but, without the rubber banding (giving a huge advantage to people in the back of the race to allow them to catch up to the people in first) effect you have in the previous games I mentioned, it’s quite easy to get trapped at the beginning of the level with no hope to catch up. In that respect, the game is frustratingly difficult and almost cruel, but, it’s adorable cereal bowls and milk cartons racing across random levels with ants and spoons, bottles and other food related business.

The only issues I have with the game are quality of life issues. When the game starts, and you’re already holding the direction you intend to move, your character won’t move until you release the direction and hit it again. The “confusion” weapon might as well just make your character stop moving completely, because if you try and figure out the controls it swaps, you’re just as likely to go backwards as forwards, and the lack of rubber banding, all create a game that if you make a few simple errors in the beginning against an opponent who really has his wits about him, puts you in a situation you just aren’t going to win. It’s frustrating, and very rarely have I been in first place. I’m almost unstoppable at uniracers, but, this game just makes me feel like an idiot.

When I think of this game, it frustrates the crap out of me. That being said, 5% of studio sales for this game will go to the NGO World Food Program  (Net operating profit after taxes) They’re selling it for 10 bucks, which is probably much too high, but, hey, it’s 20% off on account of being new, which makes it 8 bucks, which is still too high, but closer to that illustrious “It’s cheap enough I am not concerned with checking my bank account” number, which, for everybody, is close to 5 but varies. (If your number is much higher than 5, go ahead and hit up our patreon) It’s not a bad game, it’s fun, frustrating, and definitely designed to play with your friends – if you keep that in mind, you might have a lot of fun with it, but, if you’re downloading it to play against people online, there are tons of games that will more easily fulfill this level of frustration for half the price. I dunno, I could go either way on it, it’s just kinda expensive. Maybe it costs that much so the 5% going to charity is higher. I don’t know, make your own damn decision, I have the god damned flu.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed by: Tale Studios


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