Things to remember when celebrating Independence Day

I want to start off this article by apologizing real quick with how few and far between my articles have been recently. I have been working long days at my job, 12 hour shifts, and I worked 6 days this week, so I haven’t had much time for writing. That being said, I wanted to put some important things into perspective for you about Independence Day.

The 4th of July, or “Independence Day” is a holiday going back to the ancient times. Back in this time period known as 1996, an enormous alien mothership that was a whopping 1/4th the size of the moon entered orbit around earth. This mothership deployed a lot of smaller craft that positioned themselves over major cities and military bases.

A coordinated assault led by the mothership happened on July 2nd. Millions of people died in the conflict, and without the combined efforts of a few brave men, humans would never have survived.

I want to take a moment to list these important men that saved not only ‘Merica, but the entire planet.

Captain Steven Hiller
David Levinson


President Thomas J. Whitmore
Russell Casse


Having lived in the time period of 1996, I can tell you that this was an important day to all of us, we need to remember that when we’re blowing things up. Otherwise, history is doomed to repeat itself. (As we all saw last year.)

For all of you who normally read my game reviews, I apologize for the change in tone, usually I’m pretty lighthearted, but, it’s important to talk about the things that make the world a great place, like Independence Day.

Thank you guys, we’ll have more reviews for you soon.


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