Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey took one of my favourite all-time NES classics and threw in a few updates, a couple achievements, and threw in a new team, and bam. You have a decent 8 dollar distraction. (And at the time of this article, the game’s 25% off!)

The graphics are definitely updated from Ice Hockey, which was made in 1988. The new blood spatters are a nice touch, and don’t really detract from anything. It’s humorous the first couple times, but it just becomes background style later on. The timing in which everyone slides onto the ice and fights to get into position is funny, and it’s all physics based humor, which is great because it’s unique and different every time. I once had the zamboni run over everyone between periods. The music is stellar, and it’s probably my favourite piece of this game.

If you ever played Ice Hockey, you know how this works. Pick your team’s players, Heavy, Medium, or Skinny, and then go play Hockey. The cool thing about this title is there are full-size brawls that erupt as well as hard checking and punching players who have the puck. The controls are simple, pass, shoot, and switch character, and you even have unlockables by fulfilling certain specialty mission requirements, like, playing 12 on 12 or unlocking manual goalies. (Which, was actually standard in Ice Hockey.)

From a design perspective, the game is a really decent re-imagining of a stupidly fun NES game. It does crash occasionally, and there are relatively large swings in the intelligence of the AI, even on easy.
The crashes are a hassle, but, overall, the game is just something really fun to do with friends together. With the ability for multiple people to play together, this is definitely a great option if you have people over and want something to compete at together. No online multiplayer currently, but, I don’t think that’s a huge issue, this game really requires having the guy next to you so you can knock the controller out of his hands when he’s kicking your ass. The addition of North Korea seems like a joke, and it is, N.Korea can barely break division III in the international championships, but, I will admit it’s the first time that I could play as the world’s biggest instance of Stockholm Syndrome in any video game.

For six bucks, you can’t ask for a better local multiplayer option, even the random crashes aren’t really that big of a deal. I appreciated Ice Hockey a lot when I was a kid, so, this game just lets me relive those moments from the comfort of my computer chair. I’d say it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re a hockey fan, or just like punching North Koreans in the face.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed and Published by: Loren Lemcke

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