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Did you guys ever watch Talespin when you were a kid? Man, Talespin was the bee’s knees, but, imagine if you could make your own ramshackle skyship thrown together with a few pieces of wood and some steel pipe. Now, imagine being able to do that in an early access version of a world like… Rust, or the 500 other games exactly like Rust, but in a world where islands float in the sky for no reason. That’s what Worlds Adrift is.

The basic premise is the same as most games similar to this. Gather a bunch of crap and wait for somebody to come steal your shit, or, steal somebody else’s shit before they can steal yours. But, this game is adorable and interesting, with a schematic system that increases my personal interest, unique level design/wonderful create-an-island additional game “mode”(?) and a look that makes me want to keep throwing together skyplanes, there’s a lot going for this reiteration of the survival/basebuilder type game.

The graphics remind me of Mulan. It’s a really good look, and it fits well with the premise of flying airships, even though airships are kind of the opposite of a movie about a little girl trying to become a warrior in ancient… China? (I never saw Mulan.) The game has great sound, even the pathetically weak pistol you can craft. The engines sputter and barely start, and then grind loudly with great smoke and vibration, the heroic music as you’re breaking through a wall of wind, and the chittering sound the giant angry manta rays make are all spot on in this absolutely beautiful game.

This game has an incredible mechanic that I just cannot get enough of. I want to engineer more situations to use it in, but, you always have access to a grappling hook which you use by right clicking. Anything you point at and right click, you’ll attach to, and you can swing through the air like Spoderman. You can use this to hang off the back of your sky ship, or to swing from one ship to another, or to climb up hillsides or just pull yourself places. I even once attached my hook to the side of my ship, and pulled myself up against the other side, using the physics to roll my ship. (It was probably a glitch but it was super cool, btw devs, you should totally make this a real thing you can do on purpose.)

There are a few glitchy things going on with building ships at the moment, like, the backwards wing glitch, but, overall, it’s pretty solid thus far and you can build something worth playing with even if it’s glitchy at the moment. Remember, it’s early access, so, don’t think of this as somebody pissing in your soup, it’s pretty good already, so it’s just going to be better later on.

Eventually, you’ll want to stash a bunch of your equipment somewhere, and, at least in the alpha, you could build actual structures that would survive on the ground. People used this to build bases on islands, and these islands eventually were protected by guns you would have to man and people knew which islands to not try and invade. Now, with the storms and earthquakes damaging structures, it’s much more difficult to maintain a base. I personally store all of my equipment on my airship. (I also do not usually have enough that this is a problem.)

I really enjoy building my own ships in this game. The ability to put together something and siege other airships, along with knowing that at any moment you could be blown from the sky by opposing factions is very enthralling, but it centers the game play around crews. You should almost always find a team to work together with, and, if you’re raiding, you’ll want multiple aircraft just in case somebody gets blown out of the sky. The beautiful thing that this game does differently from the rest in the genre is a sense of personal property with your ship from the get-go. You can design anything from within your mind’s eye, provided you have the proper resources to build.

I spent a huge amount of time playing this game, in comparison to most I review, and, it’s really freakin’ fun. I had a great time with this game, and it’s still in early access. World’s Adrift is 35 USD, and, while that’s one of the more expensive games I’ve personally reviewed in a long time, it’s well worth the asking price. I say hit the skies, shoot everybody you don’t like, and steal their shit! Piracy rules!

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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed and Published by: Bossa Studios

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Credit for a couple screenshots: Skycaptain Mortis



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