Will Glow the Wisp – Warning: this game may cause blindness.

Have you ever pressed the palms of your hands into your eye sockets hard enough that you start seeing weird star shapes that kind of stay there for awhile after you let go? If so, you’re probably hurting yourself and shouldn’t do that anymore.

…but this game kinda gives that effect and it does that whilst giving your eye damaging star game an actual goal and a scoreboard.

Each level has the same basic goal, move the brightly colored ball from the start point to the end point while avoiding other brightly colored objects. Even the end goal is brightly colored, but, it’s green, which means it’s good. The thing that makes this difficult is sometimes bright shiny objects move, and you have this weird momentum that totally makes running into the walls easy. Your glowing ball of awesome is piloted like a drunk high schooler’s first Toyota Celica, hopefully carefully, if you’re going to make it home and watch the universe get sucked into a black hole.

It’s neon colors on black backgrounds. It will put your eyeballs through their paces. (Note: If you have one eye, please remove the ‘s’ from the last sentence.) It seriously looks like if you press your hands into your eyes, and it’s beautiful in this weird way.

When it comes to graphics in games, I don’t just look at screenshots and go, “This is what I think” because, it’s only half the story, the animation does a lot of work in a game with simple graphics, like this one. In this game, the barriers of the level undulate and swell constantly. This gives the levels a feeling of being alive and it works really well. Each level’s progression makes you learn a new skill, or master that skill by using it in a more difficult environment. This creates a pace that is both enjoyable, and constantly challenging, but it also makes you constantly aware of the environment you’re in. The levels are changing, but the graphics stay the same. Usage of colors to indicate what certain barriers do is well crafted, and I never felt surprised when I came upon a new color. I was always ready to stop and bask in it’s warming glow (Note: Touching almost anything will kill you, so don’t bask too closely.) while I figured out what it did.

The music has some creative commons tracks, but also some work by artists I haven’t heard of before. All the tracks fit into the theme of the game and feel like they belong, so, I’m not dogging them for using free tracks. They’re really quite nice.

The buttons are simple. Move, and a “jump” or “Thrust” in which you charge by moving the direction you want your character to charge forward. This move also slows time down while you’re charging it, making things easier to dodge, and, while your main goal is to get to the end of the level, sometimes you have to collide with enemies to destroy them to open gates. This is where the real challenge comes in – avoiding being shot by things that will kill you while colliding with enemies to destroy them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a melee based bullet hell, but, this game pulls it off well. The “worlds” are broken down into “baby, child, ect.” and I really felt like I grew as a player as the levels got more difficult. I’m by no means good at the game, but, the game intelligently teaches you things as it introduces new challenges.

In levels you will find white dust/star clouds that if you run into will have an effect on your little glowing ball. Arrows cause you to dash in the direction of the arrow, lightning bolts make you move quickly in whatever direction you press, things like that, at first, they seem harmless, or perhaps helpful, but, they turn into challenging puzzles themselves when you’re learning to avoid crashing into walls or obstacles under their influence. (Again, like the drunk teenager in the Celica.)

The Game’s priced at $7.99USD, and it’s a one-of-a-kind game. It’s not my preferred genre, because I’m not a score-attack type of guy, I mostly prefer story based games, but, for being what it is, a bullet hell melee based platformer without platforms, it’s quite fun. I’d actually play this game for reasons other than reviewing it, which is a pretty good compliment I think. The game was built by one man.

Overall, I enjoy this game, it’s not expensive, it’s got some cool tunes, it does stuff I haven’t seen in other games, and most importantly, it’s fun. Try it!

Get ‘Will Glow the Wisp’ on Steam

Disclosure: We received this game from asking questions during an AMA. (LINK)

Developed and Published by: Part Time Indie



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