All Walls Must Fall – Snuggle up with Kai, lord of the German Bear Club.

All Walls Must Fall is a game about time travel, having an epic beard, wearing suspenders… and man-on-man flirty conversation scenes.

In AWMF (which, is what I’m calling this from now on because writing “All Walls Must Fall” over and over is annoying and not fun, which… is going to be a major theme of my thesis about this game, though, not in the way one would reasonably assume I would go. In my next digression, I would like to point out that it must be REALLY difficult for someone to reasonably assume anything and read this website often.) your goal is to travel through time using the same point system that gives you the final score you’ve achieved in a level. This means that rewinding time actually lowers your score. You have just about two seconds before your turn is skipped, and you lose time points, or whatever they are called. Basically, this is a very fast paced game about using time travel to win arguments, make friends, and shoot people in the face.

The game’s really goofy. I mean, nothing is goofy at all about Eurotrance Europe, it’s still 1980 today over there, so, why wouldn’t it be 1980 in the year 22whatever science fiction year it happens to be? But, your main character is a fat guy wearing suspenders, and he’s balding. That’s freakin’ awesome.

I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but, 90% of the men I know around my age group are fat guys who are balding. Some of them wear suspenders. So, great job on choosing your target audience, AWMF.

The music is weird, club scene stuff that fits with the backgrounds and levels, and everything is clear and concise. The UI isn’t annoying, I don’t have a single complaint about this game’s setup at all.

This game takes all of the fun, arcade aspects of gaming and condenses the genre of tactics game into a single character with limited moves, equipment, and skills, providing none of the huge, time consuming preparation pieces that tactics games are generally known for, while simultaneously asking you to make intelligent decisions in a fast and orderly manner, when your main character has the ability to rewind time whenever you make a mistake.

This is a great concept, and it’s really well done. This game without time travel shenanigans would be like… a slightly slower paced more RPG version of Necrodancer. It’s too fast paced to deal with the low health and overall danger the game puts you in, with less than perfect information, but, you’re allowed to make mistakes because you can just step back a few turns and everything is fine again. Scores are used to determine resources that you use to unlock and upgrade your arsenal, but, you can always go back and earn more points to have a better shot at your next procedurally generated mission at any time.

Once you get going a bit, you soon have the ability to manipulate time in ways that either affect JUST your character, or affect everything BUT your character, but at first, you’ll be mastering the “Oops.” button just to make sure you don’t accidentally get shot in the face by asking a guy to see what’s inside of his pants. Speaking of, you’ll be flirting with tons of guys in this game. You’re a flirtin’ish kinda guy, I suppose. The entire WORLD seems to be a giant, gay German night club in an alternate future timeline where the Berlin Wall never fell, electro is vastly the music of choice, and women don’t exist.

I don’t think this is a bad thing, I mean, it’s pretty neat that the world can have a fat, bear-gay, balding, time traveling super agent, I just wish my fat, bear-gay, balding, time traveling super agent could talk to a girl and have that be a totally different interaction than the stereotypical “two gay guys in a gay bar” conversation that we end up with happening here.

I’m glad that it’s only a couple of hours long though, the game’s almost rogue-like qualities are perfect for a game that isn’t incredibly long, but, the game’s mechanics are well thought out and fun. Daily missions are helpful to keep people coming back, and, the game’s only $15.00 USD. It’s pretty neat, so, at least go check out somebody playing it. I can’t promise it’s the game for you, but, it’s a good little distraction.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed/Published by: inbetweengames

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