Genetic Disaster – Not just a name for sister lovers anymore.

You want to run around a dungeon with your yiffing buddies and shoot at badguys while solving Zelda-esque dungeon puzzles? Well then move aside, peoples of Mississippi, the REAL Genetic Disaster is here!!

The amount of actual communication you’ll have with a partner is pretty limited unless you’re in some voice chat, but, you don’t need to communicate in order to get things done, one of you just needs to shoot and the other just needs to shoot at something else. That’s the name of the game. Just point and shoot is all anybody needs to do, until puzzles come along. Those are rarely confusing, but, at least once I thought we needed to slow down a spinning blade and run across it. It turned out we needed to avoid the blade. We solved the puzzle by throwing a chair at a switch. I don’t know how we ever survived childhood, thinking we could run across spinning blades, even if we slowed them down, but hey, we’re here and we still have the scars to prove it.

The graphics in the game are simple, cartoony, they almost feel like… Don’t Starve, but, with animals. That’s okay, it’s a pretty neat style. The animations feel good, and, while the levels are hectic, I wouldn’t want enemies that I was anymore interested to look at, because I’m trying to just shoot them and get to the next stage anyway. The audio work is pretty solid, nothing sticks out as fake, or cheap. Still looking for my video game version of the wilhelm scream though.

The coolest thing about this game, is that every gun feels unique. You have a mini-uzi? Well, you can spray the crap out of everybody for about… 2 seconds and you end up holding a piece of plastic that needs to be reloaded. The minigun? Somehow even less accurate than the mini-uzi, but a much larger magazine, and more damage per bullet. The Grenade Launcher bounces, the rocket launcher just explodes… hey, it’s all unique and fun. You feel like you have to learn each one. Some of them suck, like, there’s a boomerang gun, but no guy with one side of his brim folded up, so, it seems like a waste to me.

Multiplayer TRULY makes this game shine, and playing it solo is unfortunate and much more of a chore than exciting. This is something you’d want to have a full team of friends playing, but, even a partner makes it twice as much fun.

Overall, I think the game’s alright, it’s definitely worth a few bucks, and, at the asking price of $19.99 USD, I think it’s a bit overpriced. Wait until it’s on sale and you’ll have yourself a fun game worth playing, but, I can’t justify 20 bucks on something that seems more like something I’d throw in to goof around in. Maybe games are just getting cheaper and cheaper, but, I think the twenty dollar price range was just a bit of a leap for me.

I would have priced it at $9.99 and tried to double my sales, personally. That being said, if co-op multiplayer dungeon crawler shooters are your go-to games, this is a fantastic game that is well crafted, and it’s probably worth taking a look at, even if it’s moderately overpriced.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed/Published by: Team8 Studio

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