Goblins Keep Coming – Tower Defense

Goblins Keep Coming: Tower Defense is… well, it’s a tower defense game. It’s part of the title, oh, and the enemies? They are goblins. And they keep coming. It’s a pretty clever title, isn’t it?

Starting from round 1, you’ll learn that this isn’t that tower defense game series that your wife can’t get enough of, this game plays for realsies. There’s a logic in how towers work, and a very specific way to place them to succeed. It’s NOT easy, and until you learn the system (or read the handy guide the developer wrote) you’ll not be getting too far.

Graphically, the game is quite simple. I assume that this is a small devteam, which is perfect considering the type of game that it is. The graphics let you know what is going on, but I wouldn’t say they are pretty. There’s nothing beautiful about this game, but, are you looking for something you’re in love with, or ARE YOU LOOKING TO MASTER THE GREATEST TOWER DEFENSE GAME ON EARTH AT THIS CURRENT JUNCTURE?!…

I must admit, between paragraphs I got super drunk, but for real, the graphics are passable. They aren’t atrocious, don’t get me wrong, they are… average, in every sense of the word.

The biggest thing to remember about this game, is that to actually play well, you have to follow a guide to optimize your route. This, to me, is the major downfall of the game. I prefer tower defense games to feel casual and fun, where one can make a few mistakes as they progress and learn, but, this game ain’t for jokesters like me, it’s real deal Holyfield, so, if you’re into that whole mess of super seriously difficult games, like… Nongünz, but also enjoy setting up towers to do all the work for you, this game MIGHT scratch that itch?

There’s tons of upgrades, difficult enemies, and a bunch of challenges to get through. This game isn’t easy, it isn’t pretty, and it isn’t something that’s gonna draw you in on a good story, but for $1.99 USD you really can’t beat Goblins Keep Coming, if you’re into Tower Defense.

And, they do.

They Just. Keep. Coming. (<– I think there’s some hilarious Rule 34 stuff I could link here.)

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Developed and Published by: Los Exaltados

Disclosure: We received this game for free

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