Megaton Rainfall – be Manhattan, lose your humanity.

In Megaton Rainfall you only have one goal, but, the longer you play, the more you feel like Dr. Manhattan.

When I first started up Megaton Rainfall, I understood, my job was to protect humans from bad aliens that were trying to destroy them. It was simple, but fun. The 3D text flying at the screen was annoying, and I couldn’t wait to just get past it so I could go back to flying. I felt incredibly powerful and a lot like a god given authority to destroy any who opposed me, in a way. Flying through incredible landscapes, looking at all the buildings, shooting at aliens… and then I realized I could just… shoot buildings.

…but there are people in there.

Speaking of people, everything in this game, while made through procedural generation, is beautiful; there isn’t a grand architect building each individual road, but there is a person who built the systems by which the world you live on is created. You can hear people shouting and screaming as their buildings fall down, all of it, just really well crafted. Cars pile up on the freeways as the bridges collapse, it’s fantastic. It’s just a shame that your goal is to protect all the people on one silly little planet.

The game creates an entire universe for you to explore, in a way that No Man’s Sky couldn’t do. You can fly out into space, find a star, find a planet on it, and enter orbit and head down to it’s surface. The planets that aren’t earth are barren, like (theoretically, anyway) most planets in our universe are, so that attention to detail must’ve been done just to show that it could be done. But, this in and of itself really brings us to the main consideration when talking about this game.

Sure, I’m told I’m there to protect a bunch of people on this ONE planet, and they seem unique because other planets don’t have buildings on them, (that I’ve found, anyway) but exploring the galaxy and blowing up buildings are two of the funnest things you can do in gaming, and Megaton Rainfall attempts to limit you by telling you what planet to be on, and who to shoot.

I understand a ton of games tell you who to shoot and what planet to be on, but, this feels like a Dragon Ball Z game in which you can’t “accidentally blow up the city” behind the person you’re trying to kill, and the badguys are nameless aliens (Tell me how this is different from DBZ?). All the while, there’s a voice talking to you about how he’s the Alpha and Omega, and a bunch of other nonsense that in the end, just makes it so you can’t blow up all the buildings on earth, which is just a shame. The physics for buildings falling down is SUPER good.

So… blowing up buildings and flying through the universe, two things that the game doesn’t encourage you to do, are the most fun things in the game. That’s super limiting and, I understand why it was built that way for a VR title, newish technology generally limits the scope until people decide to push boundaries, but… YOU CAN GO TO PLANETS ALL OVER THE GALAXY IN THIS GAME ALREADY. Something I got out of the game that isn’t explicitly part of the game, but worth thinking about is… at what point does a god-like being STOP caring about the peoples of earth, and just go explore? Does this explain why the gameplay is kinda… just “save the planet” but, it’s really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things that are fun in the game?

For $15.99 USD. This game really is a fun little experience, if you’re into collecting screenshots or looking at beautiful graphics, but… if you’re looking for a compelling story or something that’s going to tide you over until another game comes out, this might not be what you’re looking for.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed/Published by: Pentadimensional Games

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