SNERD and Friends Develop: DAMSEL

24 hours is how long a person could take to complete a WHOLE DAY!


A group of friends and I put together a little game in 24 hours to show that we could just build a game.
It’s nothing groundbreaking, or special, but, it’s a game we built in a day, a day that I slept a good 4.5 hours, and worked another 12, but hey, when you’re IDEAS GUY, you can kinda get out ahead of things and then sit back and relax until the adoration comes rolling in. (<— This line is sarcasm, there is no ideas guy in gaming, but, I realize that I have to make sure people realize I’m joking, because jokes are hard to detect via text. Also… IDEAS GUY!) We decided to just throw it out on the internet for free, but, feel free to throw us a buck or two on the page if you want.

It all started when Plague and I together determined that we were going to build a game, and we even started the jam before we grabbed the other two members of the team. (The musician is also a buddy of mine, and he’s actually working on ANOTHER project with us, but, we haven’t told anybody about that. [Note: If this is considered foreshadowing, it’s garbage writing, and it probably needs to return to creative writing school.])

Anyway, the concept of the game is simple, a girl robot on a motorcycle fights dinosaurs on hover scooters.

Plague wrote a few words that kind of sum up the game and development process.

“Having a designer there to not only set up a solid foundation for the project, but also reign in some of the features or elements that might have gotten us into a corner and reaffirm that foundation was probably pretty key. If it were up to me alone I would have totally over-scoped it.

Motion controls aside, this entire game is controlled by a single button. Which I thought was pretty neat. 

After explaining the ridiculous theme of the game, it was nice to be able to give artists minimal direction and just trust that they’d come back with something pretty awesome.

It’s (<- 24 hour game building) a real exercise in resource management, slight of hand, and finding ways to make players believe that something is happening that really isn’t. In this game we make it seem like theirs an infinite amount of dinosaurs, bullets and that we’re going down the road at a high speed. In reality, theirs only a few dinosaurs, a handful of bullets, and you’re not really moving at all.

Making games that reflect the kind of games we used to play in the early days of gaming often gives a new perspective on game design as a whole and also a increases the respect for what the developers were able to do with the technology they had back then.


Occasionally, I do some work for Masondogg Studios, a small game studio based out of Atlanta, they are pretty cool folks, and that’s where I grabbed my team from. There are a few games out by them, but they’re small, keep watching for future projects by them.

So, yeah, we built it, go out and play it. Let us know what you like or don’t like below, or, your general apathy towards us in general. Heck, maybe you just wanna write a poem?

Check out DAMSEL on

Disclosure: We made it in 24 hours, of course there’s stuff wrong.


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