Katharsis – Get Milk, follow your dreams.

Katharsis is one of those games that makes you feel like Stanley Parable had a sequel but it was so trendy that it had to do it like it was Stephen King pretending he wasn’t pretending to be a different person to win a bet with a guy. By the way, Stephen King writes like an old shoe. He’s obviously a multi-millionaire, so, he’s pretty good at what he does but, when one of your book ideas is, “Everybody has to walk, OR THEY GET SHOT!” I quit giving a shit.

This is your basic walking around and trying out different solutions game. You have a relatively short story that is easy to complete and has a bunch of pieces of FEEL GOOD thrown at you about hope and dreams and all that jazz.

Basically, this is Millennial Funtime Jerkoff Juice, about trying hard and supporting things you care about and the meaning of life.

So, if you’re into that whole “The world has meaning if you make it” type stuff, this game’s for you, provided you’re smart enough to figure out puzzles that are thrown together in such a way that it makes the game tedious instead of interesting.

I’m pretty sure this is a graphics pack from the Unity Storefront, but, slapped together with another Unity graphics pack, and, while I can’t really name for sure where anything is from, everything is really, really, really just average. That’s okay, the point of the game is feeling good, not making an awe-inspiring graphical breakthrough. The sounds are dings and piano keys, mixed with the occasional drawer opening, and that’s pretty much what I expected from the title. Nothing is extra-ordinary in the Graphics or Audio department, but they aren’t negatives either. They just fulfill established requirements and let you mosey along.

Gameplay is standard WASD and mouse, with mostly E for actions, but sometimes other buttons come into play. This is supposed to add meaning, y’know, instead of just having E do everything.

There are quite a few endings, including some I haven’t found, probably, but, it’s just a silly little time waster. $4.99USD is a good price point. Tons of black screens with white text, a guy in a blue suit with a milk container for a head, it’s exactly what you wouldn’t expect, and thus, exactly what we’re expecting out of Katharsis.

I know this is a relatively short review, but, I can’t just gush about the gameplay, because there’s effectively zero to do besides WASD and press a few keys. The game is mostly story, and, if you want to play that, I really don’t want to ruin it for you. So… here’s a bunch of extra screenshots.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free

Developed and produced by: KOCMOC17

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