Pilam Sky – It’s Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow without Angelina Jolie or airplanes.

Pilam Sky is what happens when PETA determines that Joust is cruel to Ostriches because knights are wearing too much armor to be sitting on top of them, and the rotary engine is much too loud for combat, so entire continents decide to fight via air balloon.

The basic premise of the game is combat via air balloon. You just float up and down, move right and left on a two dimensional field, and

poke other balloons with your spears, or try and drop your anchor on them. I mean, I suppose you can shoot guns, but, why? You have spears! Pop those enemy balloons and let them crash to the ground.

Between levels, you’ll be able to spend your money on upgrades that don’t actually seem to change the gameplay, though, they somehow “improve” your balloon guy’s ballooning. I don’t really know how it works, because I just run into them until they explode and have to repair after every mission, but hey, I spend that money.

The graphics are pretty nice, and the music is alright, but it’s all simple indie-style stuff. You can see them in the trailer, it’s a pretty neat looking game with wonky looking characters.

You really only control moving up and left and right, though, you can control your descent by either moving up, OR by moving to the left or right, as moving to the side also slows your descent. There is some strategy involved when determining how/when to move and attack, but by and large the gameplay is mostly simple. Just avoid getting hit, and make sure you’re hitting your enemy.
You’ll start to get outnumbered as the game continues, and eventually, there are even bosses, but they are as simple as the basic gameplay.

Overall, I don’t find the game disappointing or bad, but, I do find it slightly expensive at $7.99 USD. It’s got a lot of fights, and a lot of upgrades, but, it feels much smaller than it is.

The game features co-op which makes it much more fun, but, there aren’t enough mechanics to keep me interested long enough to beat the game by myself. Upgrades just get progressively more expensive, and the controls are super simple. In fact, I’m not even sure the upgrades do anything but change what your balloon looks like, and it’s tiny, and hard to even tell that it changes sometimes. I’d have to say I don’t recommend this game, unfortunately. It’s beautiful and it’s got a lot of charm, but, it doesn’t do enough to keep me hooked. (Or should that be anchored?)

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Developed by: BeagleGames

Disclosure: We received this game for free.


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