The Precious Portia Preview

My Time in Portia has elements of many games I love, a little harvest moon, a little Dark Cloud, some Megaman Legends thrown into the mix, and even though it seems ambitious as balls and impossible to make everything work well together… I think it’s a real wiener. It’s currently in early access, and, while it’s not 100% complete, I already have a pretty good idea about what kind of game it’s going to be.

They TOTALLY look friendly, right?

You start your adventure as a boy or girl going to a workshop that you inherit. From there, you start doing jobs for people in the nearby town. Building axes, swords, cars, bridges… lots of things, but, the main goal is to build up your workshop and make friends along the way. The main thing to remember about this game is organization is important, because you’ll get hundreds and hundreds of items that you’ll need to store somewhere on your property in boxes you’ll be making, but then it can take FOREVER to find anything if you aren’t properly organized.

This is my happy face.

The game’s beautiful. I mean, I made me in the game, and, obviously it’s spot on. I really like that when you get new armour, it’s shown on your character, and the outfits are different enough that you feel a sense of progression in getting new clothes and new weapons. The music is pretty alright, though, you’ll be hearing the “standing outside of your workshop” song a lot, and the dungeon one, if you’re inclined to head underground.

I mentioned that you’d hear the dungeon music if you’re inclined to head underground, but, like your favourite band in highschool, you’ll probably spend 99% of your career there. Whether it’s fighting giant rat pirates, just digging for stuff, or gathering rocks, you’re gonna have a hard time gathering enough resources to craft whatever you want. Which, is kind of the point of the game. Create the things you need to build the world in the direction you want.

I just want Bae to look at me like the Rat Pirate does.

For some reason, you can have fistfights with random people in town as an extra way to make a few pieces of gol. Which, somehow isn’t gold, but looks gold, sounds like gold, and works like gold does in most video games.

Your personal goals in the game may differ from the storyline missions, but, honestly, the game doesn’t seem to force you in any direction. You aren’t paying rent or anything, so, feel free to explore and enjoy the world at your own pace. The months and seasons are long, and it’s really an interesting world full of characters to talk to.

Eventually, you’ll have an empire that spans the length of a fenced in yard, complete with a few places to grow plants if you want, but, it’s mostly just going to be full of saws, leathercrafting stations, and cooking fires. You’ll also have this giant… platform that is for some reason needed to build things on. There’s TONS of stuff to do, like, fishing, building, go on dates, cooking, explore islands, find people’s stuff, and fight things, mostly animals, but, also giant dangerous looking guys with slime guns.

Overall, I really enjoyed My Time At Portia. I mean, it sounds like a porno flick starring Ellen’s wife, and it’s definitly not that, but, it’s something that’s marvelous in it’s own right. It’s like… Stardew Valley, but in 3D, so, maybe it’s Harvest Moon 64, but, with a combat system and better graphics. Pathea Games is totally accomplishing what it set out to do with this game. It’s definitely worth $20.00 USD, and it’s in early access. If they never improve the game, if development is done here and now, it’s easily worth 20 bucks. There’s at least 25 hours of content thus far, and as development continues, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. And… the price is definitely going to go up once it’s completed, so… get it while it’s hot!

Get the game on STEAM

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for free.

Developed by: Pathea Games

Published by: Team 17 Digital

because the game’s vast and beautiful, I kept a bunch of other screenshots that I’ll post below so it’ll be easier to digest. Look through them if you want. If not, go buy this game anyway.

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