Whale Hunters III: Be the Whale

AVAST, YE WHALE HUNTERS, A TRUE CHAMPION OF YOUR KIND HAS APPEARED UPON THY HORIZON! Sphere III: Enchanted World is what happens when you decide Russia needs it’s own version of World of Warcraft, which, just like with an actual comparison between Russia and the ol’ Stars and Stripes, is just kinda crappy in comparison to the American Standard version. (Yeah, American Standard is a toilet brand, there are two references here.)

I think I got my mount at level 2?

Adventure across a world filled with random mobs for you to slay and kill 10 of each, or collect 25 maguffins for the person who shows up on your minimap, so that you may make just enough progress to get to the next person who shows up on your minimap. It’s your basic MMO progression scale, without all the bells and whistles of the company that really brought Massively Multiplayer Online Games to the world.

All the females wear clothes like this.

I know, there were MMOs before WoW, and, they did things a bit differently, but, at this point in our lives, we’re pretty much left with “WoW Style” and “EVE Online Style” which… is pretty much just EVE at this point. (If you’ve got an MMO that is unique, go ahead and shoot me an email and let me know about it!) So, this game definitely falls into the WoW territory.

Graphically, this game isn’t too beautiful. It’s not hideous, but, it doesn’t bring anything special to the table, and unfortunately, the audio is exactly the same. Usually, by producing a game that is so broad and wide, you lose a lot of the luster and attention to detail that comes along with a more compact and compelling world, and that is definitely true with this title. One of my biggest disappointments is, depending on your race, (of which there are two, with plans for more to be implemented, although I doubt it) each of the nine classes is gender locked. Demon bros get 6 males and 3 females, and humans get 6 females and 3 males. So… if you want to be a human male priest, too freakin’ bad!

The biggest difference between this game and the WoW system is the “non targeting system” meaning, you just point your little aimer at the enemies before you shoot your fireball. It prevents you from looking behind you in combat, and it’s marketed as “FOR HARDCORE GAMERS ONLY!” but, what it really means, is that it’s for people who don’t want to pay a monthly fee, but WAIT….

For a much more engrossing story, Final Fantasy XIV and WoW are both $14.99 a month, both of which will give you a discount if you purchase multiple months at once. This game charges $20.00 for coins that you then spend to get a month of “premium game time”, Premium status doubles the amount of gold and items awarded for killing monsters, increases the amount of experience and honor you receive by 10%, provides an additional bag slot and gives plenty of other useful bonuses. It’s almost like, to get the game the developers wanted to make, you have to also pay them a monthly fee even though it’s marketed as a premium (optional) activity instead of being required. It’s outrageous. It’s the world we’re all buying into with DLC and loot boxes, and microtransactions.

I know it’s “free to play”, but, if you were tired of WoW, you’ll be tired of this game in no time. There’s literally no reason to download it, as you can get World of Warcraft for 20 levels and get burned out again in no time. Something tells me MMO gameplay is kinda like cement poisoning. Once you get it, it’s REALLY easy to get again. Sorry Sphere III, but you get a huge pair of nuts, as MMO Development is brutal, but, I don’t see this game as a winner, now, or ever. Give us something that isn’t… this.

Check it out on Steam!

Disclosure: We received a bonus pack, but didn’t open it, because it felt like a gateway drug to get us used to being fed microtransactions.

Developed by: Nikita Online


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