AlpenCROSS – When Cycling becomes a contact sport.

AlpenCROSS is a game which mixes time trials and obstacle courses together, making a game which not only has you watching the time with one eye but also makes you keep the other on that giant hill you’ll inevitably climb; at least once to figure out where your next checkpoint is. All of this tied together would make you think that you’ll end up being so busy that you aren’t going to get to enjoy all the different pieces of scenery the selection of maps have in store, right? Wrong. This game keeps giving for such a small game it certainly dreams of reminding you of all those arcade games you used to play in town, or in the airport, and you were running out the clock waiting for that holiday. That’s how you need to play this game. There aren’t thousands of hours of playability, at least, unless you are trying to get your name in 1st place for every race.

When you first start, you’ll have to immediately get used to the fact that you will not know what you are doing. There isn’t any tutorial here, so you’ll have to learn on the fly and the “try to follow” cursor is going to make you squint. Once you get a hang of the game itself though, its enjoyable and downright entertaining, unless you respawn from dying in the same place from what looks like a nice descent down a hill or into the bush a few metres to the side of it.

The two camera angles the game has allows you to have different views of the bike itself and while I personally enjoy the third person camera better than the first person view, it’s a shame it isn’t more panned backwards and centered to allow for you to take in the scenery. Not to mention keep an eye on the terrain, so that you can better plan as you pedal up the hills. Often, you’ll find yourself wondering if you could have gone around it and not wasted valuable seconds on climbing unnecessary obstacles.

The great and the grotesque

You get a quite challenging experience to overcome in the forms of the different races, this is not only because of the placement of the different checkpoints. The experience of running from checkpoint to finish line and trying to shave those seconds from your previous time is fun.

  • Good visuals and enjoyable areas to cycle
  • Some really challenging circuits to try out
  • Some nice bikes and different outfits to unlock from placing in races

Some parts of the game can be dealt with easily enough. If you don’t like the look of your bike or outfit you can win races and change it which means you don’t have to stare at the same visuals all the time, but some parts are just in need of a tweak to make them more user friendly.

  • Weird placed 3rd person camera that just becomes more annoying than allowing you to enjoy the scenery and plan out your route easier
  • The directional tool needs to be made bigger and a different colour than the background
  • Some elements of terrain need to be more thoroughly tested especially on the earlier tracks

So would I recommend this game?

As a PC game to put serious time into? No. it’s not one of those games you would sit down for a hundred hours trying to scrape the milliseconds off of your time to get into first place. On the other hand, it is fun and once you get the hang of it you’ll certainly enjoy it just like you would any arcade style game.

Check out the game on Steam

Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed by: FarbWERK

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