It’s gotta lotta Metal, but, like most things that are metal, it’s hard to swallow.

Double Kick Heroes is a game about a metal band hanging out in a sweet looking car while getting away from zombies, sharks, and a bunch of other crazy enemies by basically playing Rock Band with your controller.

I’m not a HUUUUGE fan of the genre, but I’ve played a few rock band type games in my day. This game’s alright, and, the music was incredible, even if the gameplay seemed a little beyond my ability. You’ll probably be playing with your controller or keyboard, and, while that’s kinda meh, I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of Rock Band controller thing you could hook up to this game. The whole point is to use the kick drum to shoot the guns on the back of your awesome wagon, so, there’s two buttons that’ll fire up your kick drum, (assuming, one for each foot), that fire either the left or right gun on the vehicle. Shooting the top or bottom gun (because you’re side scrolling, the top gun is “Left”) really only matters to catch the single enemies that are hiding at the edges of the horde. Eventually, I assume the game gets difficult enough you’ll have to hit a certain one, but, as far as the game goes, you aren’t required to do either. On higher difficulties, you’ll be hitting the cymbal and the bass guitar notes too, which is kinda cool, but, they just increase the difficulty and don’t actually shoot any guns.

Graphically, the game has a cool pixel-art style. The game’s graphics are striking. Probably my favourite part of the whole package. The music is spectacular too. I really mean spectacular. I think it’s all written by one guy, either way, you can get the soundtrack from Steam too. Also, if you don’t like the music, you can just… change it out for bullshit trap music. I mean, the game advertises itself that way, too.
As far as the challenge goes… you just press buttons quickly like you do in a rock-band style game, and, because I don’t have the proper equipment (and, I’m guessing you probably won’t as well, average game player), this might be a lot less fun than you’d originally imagine on a controller.
In fact, let’s just see. Go play this bullshit browser game, and see if you’ll want to do that for $15.00 worth of time. ’cause that’s what you’re up against. I mean, really, Double Kick Heroes is that Rock Band Sim except it’s a fun version of it, but the premise, hitting a button at the right time on your controller/keyboard while watching a scrolling line, is the basic crux of the gameplay.

Overall, I enjoy the game, it’s fun, but, the only thing it’s sorely missing at this point is that the whole game is designed to be played by one person instead of with a group of friends, which is what made Rock Band-style games super fun. If there was a way to do it in multiplayer, where the whole team had to fight against the horde instead of just the drummer hitting a few hi-hats and snares while blasting out his kick drum to fight the horde. Wouldn’t it be cool if your bass player had to keep the guns loaded by laying down a bass track, or something? I don’t know, I’m not trying to design the game for them, I understand it’s in early access, and it’s fun, but I don’t really think it’s $14.99 “fun” at this point.

I dunno, I’m not saying don’t go for it, because it’s good fun, and it’s in early access. Maybe it’ll end up being worth the price, it’s just not there as of yet. The editor mode would be awesome if I wanted to devote a ton of time to writing my own shit, and I think that’s where the greatest songs will be derived from. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of official support from major music groups, but it’s something I’d love to see. Imagine if you have some legends say, “Yeah, we’ll put our songs in that game” – Suddenly, you’ll have something a bit bigger than the already amazing soundtrack. (Note: There’s nothing wrong with the songs in the game, they are all really cool, it’s just… they are all obviously written for the game.)

Get the Game on Steam (by the way, the game’s currently 10% off!)

Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed by: Headbang Club

Published by: Headbang Club and Whisper Games

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