Trailmakers Early Access Lookie Loo


Have you ever played one of those “build your own car” games? Y’know, sometimes they stick them inside other games, like, “Build yourself a spaceship made of gummy bears” in Kingdom Hearts or whatever, right? This is one of those games, except that it’s more than just building your own vehicle, there’s physics, aerodynamics, and a bunch of other related stuff… my only bitch about the whole thing? The tiles that I like aren’t really powerful, so, I end up using different ones to make vehicles that perform well instead of look good.

So… there’s no reason to believe that I’m a wizard or amazingly good at understanding engineering, or whatever modern science/magic you’d require to build an actual airplane that can fly, or a vehicle that is equally good looking and performs well, but, the great thing about this game is it gives you a lot of options to build whatever you want. The “single player game” is an obstacle course with progression. The vehicle you build gets put through it’s paces and you unlock a new item, which you’ll use to build a vehicle that can solve the next obstacle to unlock another item. This is quite fun, as you’ll have to learn all the different aspects of the physics system to defeat the obstacles placed in front of you.

Sandbox mode is… mostly just learning to do all sorts of cool stuff, and then applying that stuff in either a race, or… in a battle mission, or… in just driving around like an idiot. Overall, it’s super cool. The game’s like… having your legos suddenly exist in a world with sand and wind and stuff, and you can drive around after you build them instead of just looking at them not move on your table.

But, the best thing about the whole game, above graphics, above audio, above the swell worlds that exist… is the fact that I can hit the F6 button and the game will just crap out a 6 second gif that I can use in my review.

That alone makes the game fan-fucking-tastic.

Overall, I think this game’s most fun portions all involve playing Multiplayer with your friends, so, if you don’t have any friends, maybe this game isn’t right for you, but, if you have lots of friends you might really enjoy it. It’s only 12 bucks, so… it’s not like you’re throwing away huge amounts of money unless all your friends are bums and you have to buy the game for them.

Also – if you and 3 friends are playing, and you all have very complicated/intricately designed vehicles, it does lag a bit, so, have a good computer, unless you have a friend who has a good computer, then have him host while you’re doing complicated machines with 3 other people. Other than that, enjoy yaselves, it’s pretty fun.

Building things takes a bit of getting used to, but, we’re pretty sure you’re at least as competent at building machines as I am, and… Let’s just say from my gifs, you’ll see how great my vehicles are. Really, try this game out, you’ll have lots of fun.


Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed by: Flashbulb Games


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