A five piece bucket of Indie Game Reviews

I just wanted to put together a little five piece bucket of indie games for you. Either I didn’t have time to run a full review, or the gameplay’s not super in depth, whatever the reason, these are five games I wanted to tell you a bit about, plus, I wanted to use that SNERD bucket, pretty cool, yeah? If you’re interested in any of the titles, click on the title, it’ll link to their steam page!


1. AWAKEN: Gunpowder Adventurer Day.Dream

A twin-stick shooter by Wheeler Studio in which you’re a bomberman/lego guy who wears Indiana Jones clothes. The game’s English is hilariously poorly translated, and it’s got a very high difficulty curve. I might just be bad at twin stick shooters, but, I’m pretty sure the game’s hard. Despite the language barrier, the game is absurdly fun and it’s worth checking out, even for $9.99 USD

2. Cologne

A racing game by Nhneno Games If you really enjoy playing Sonic the Hedgehog for the levels where you’re moving left and right while picking up coins, this miiiight be up your alley. It’s sort of like Otto the Odd Ostrich, but everybody is Metal Gear Solid style Cyborg Ninjas on motorcycles (My friends and I made a game similar to that once…). BTW, you race in a tube the whole game. There’s a drag racing mode that includes shifting, and even upgrading your bike, but, those are very simple “This makes you faster” or “this makes you have more gas” also – what kinda arcadey racing game makes you get gas? It’s a little expensive at $9.99 USD – you’ll want to wait for a sale.

3. Downbreak

Made by earrgames, Downbreak is what happens if you’re really into minesweeper but you want a bigger challenge. I don’t know how minesweeper works, and, that’s readily apparent if I’ve ever seen playing Downbreak. If minesweeper isn’t your type of game, you might complain about a game based on minesweeper being $4.99 USD, but, I don’t even like Minesweeper, and I think the game puts the genre on it’s head by shaking up the rules thanks to the addition of gravity.


4. Shoot ‘m Up

Dukesoft developed this top down zombie based shooter not unlike Hotline Miami. Currently, there’s a lot of emphasis on shooting, but there are plans to include melee weapons to the mix. This isn’t a critique – just an observation, but, it’s the only game I’ve ever seen where you start as a white trash guy getting into an argument with his trailer park wife. That’s a pretty original opening. According to their website, it’s going to be 7.99 EUR, which, is pretty close to 10 bucks in freedom units. So far, it’s a decent game, but, I’m not sure it’s worth quite that much unless the netcode is stellar.

5. Stellar Tactics

Stellar Tactics by Maverick Games is… like Fallout used to be, back in the day. It’s that kinda combat system – but, where the game really explodes into awesome territory is that the world is procedurally generated after the introduction. Sure, there are some wonky things right now, and it’s kind of thin on dialogue, but it’s currently early access. I’m patiently waiting to be able to review the full title, and I’m excited about this one. It’s $19.99 USD and it’s definitely worth it, if you’re into the genre. Also – I found a glitch, reported it to the dev, and he immediately got back to me. It’s important to him to interact with his audience, that level of customer service is great, and gives me a lot of faith that Stellar Tactics will end up being amazing.

Bonus: Spoxel

Spoxel is a Terraria clone, and Terraria is basically a two dimensional version of Minecraft, which is a digital version of legos, which is sorta an advanced version of lincoln logs, and, despite this huge lineage, this is the first time in the history of the creative sandboxy type world games in which you can beat someone to death with a shark. Spoxel boasts that you’ll be able to customize spells and weapons in a much larger way than we’ve ever seen before. This could be amazing! The game’s being developed by  Epaga Games.

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