Forgotten Anne – Not rotten, just forgotten!

If you wanna be a character inside another story in a world pretty similar to Beauty and the Beast, except with weird soul-gathering technology and stuff like that, without a lot of your typical game elements, check out Forgotten Anne, a game where you play as Anne, a woman who lives in a world where stuff is not rotten, just forgotten.

The game mostly involves hitting a very small amount of buttons and just following prompts, making decisions that affect the outcome of the story, and solving puzzles. Some of which are far more confusing to me than I’d like to admit. It’s NOT my type of game, so, it’s hardly fair for you to consider my personal take on this game to be fair, it’s probably fantastic, especially for people who want to relax and have a chill time figuring out how to interact with worlds and environments, but… like the Telltale games, or point-and-click adventures, this is far too puzzle-ish for me.

The graphics are beautiful. It reminds me of Akira, I suppose. Not in the… everyone turns to weird goo and has circuits flying out of their bodyparts and shit, but, in that it’s an intelligent, elegant art style that feels like anime without turning into weab-centric wank material for basement dwellers and giant robot enthusiasts. Oh, I suppose DBZ bros will also find that it’s more of a serious style of drawing than what Toriyama brings to the table. The music fits with the environment, and I never found myself disagreeing with the musical choices or background noises. The voice acting is also incredible, I’ve not once heard anything out of place, though, I’d like to hear the old man voice acting Dr. Light – can we get more megaman, people?

Like I said, the game isn’t really my style of game, and I’ve had a lot of difficulty playing for a formiddable chunk of time to be able to review it, but, you have direction buttons, and 2-3 interaction buttons. Other than that, you’re mostly there to experience a story. This is a huge turn off for me, but I know that a lot of people enjoy it.

Note: It’s not a turn off for me that the game is mostly a story. A lot of the greatest games of all time are almost entirely story based, but… I just like more input. If this was an RPG with some snooze-fest random battles every 10 seconds, I’d probably be gushing about it right now.

Your mileage WILL vary from mine. There’s nothing wrong with this game, it’s fantastic, it just doesn’t fit into my world. I’m probably too much of an old white man for this game, and I don’t mean that in some weird psudeo-racist anti-feminism way. I just mean, I tend to stick to the masculine and non-anime portions of our society, and this solidly fits into “a story that traditionally feminine people will enjoy” coupled with, “Hey bro it’s an anime” which, are both just not my forms of ritual entertainment. I always wanted to re-write Beauty and the Beast so that Beast had to go fight 8 castles worth of humans before he saved Belle from the world’s biggest chin, but, if you liked him falling in love and that making him lose the coolest curse on planet earth, you’ll like Forgotten Anne. Yeah. I said it, The Beast should have been pissed that he became a human at the end. If I could be a walking, talking werewolf, I would totally stay that way, because he could fight an entire village by himself no problem, in a world where villages sometimes need an ass kicking.

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Disclosure: We received the game for free.

Developed by: ThroughLine Games

Published by: Square Enix

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Anne – Not rotten, just forgotten!

  1. ” it’s an intelligent, elegant art style that feels like anime without turning into weab-centric wank material for basement dwellers and giant robot enthusiasts.”

    If that wasn’t reductive, insulting, and ignorant, I don’t know what is.

    1. I will point out, yes, it is probably reductive of me to think that every person living in a basement watches too much anime, not to mention that a larger portion of males ages 18-40 are living with their parents now than ever in American history. This, of course, tends to happen when we’re in economic decline, but, what’s interesting about it, is that it presents itself in males only, which is a topic I might discuss one day, but, probably in another website, because this is a place for video game reviews and Machinima, NOT a place for politics or social status issues.

      That being said, I have a lovingly abusive relationship with anime. I love to insult it, even though I begrudgingly appreciate how much it makes people happy. So… what say you Kaneda to my Tetsuo and we stay friends, eh?

      1. “it is probably reductive of me to think that every person living in a basement watches too much anime,”

        There’s no “probably” included here.

        “it presents itself in males only,”

        Also false. It’s more prominent there, partly because women in that age range are more likely to stay with a friend or a significant other than go back home when faced with similar economic issues.

        “I love to insult it, even though I begrudgingly appreciate how much it makes people happy.”

        Why? Why reduce anime to a small subset of genres if you don’t do that to anything else? Why portray those who view anime as a specific type of people when folks from all walks of life do and always have watched?

        1. I will admit, my math was a bit spotty off the top of the ol’ noggin, but, this website here:

          …shows that men between the ages of 18-34 are 35% of the time living with their parents, which, the last time in history higher than that was 1940, which was right before the WW2. The statistic I was remember was that young men are more likely to live with a parent than to live with a spouse or partner. I’ll be sure to do a bunch of research before responding to a comment next time, but, I was pointing out it only presents itself in men, because men are living in parent’s home more often than cohabitation (35% in their parent’s home, and 28% cohabitating), while women are not. (29% in parents homes, while 35% are in cohabitation/marriage situations) [both statistics in 2014].

          Thus, the mystery in how my quick, and admittedly unresearched response needed all those corrections.

          As far as reducing anime to a small subset of genres if I don’t do that to anything else… I do that to other things too, so, it’s not just anime I’m picking on. Part of what I do here is make jokes about things, a lot of the time, I’m making fun of stuff that I enjoy. Sure, it’s not the top shelf humor of Larry the Cable Guy, but, you get what you pay for, and there ain’t any ads on this website!

          If you honestly think that I actually believe that everyone who lives in a basement watches too much anime, that’s on you, bro. I may be reductive, but, you’re being pedantic. Of course some people live in houses without basements, and, those people have 28 year old sons who still watch anime and live with them. It’s the natural order of the world, baby.

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