Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation – The world suddenly went Metal.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is what happens in an alternate timeline where Tenacious D don’t end up surviving their encounter with the Devil, and he ends up taking over the planet.

It’s the end of the world, you say? To Shreds, you say?

You start out with three characters, and start building your base with limited resources. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the format brought to you by Rimworld, a beautiful basebuilding game that sort of… created a world of slightly less confusing albeit difficult basebuilding games inspired by Dwarf Fortress, where figuring out how to not die is the whole goal. This game in particular is about surviving the end of days from a biblical standpoint, but not in a religious way. It’s like… the other way. Y’know, Metal. This game gives you a lot more leeway at the beginning than a game such as Rise to Ruins, but, that just lets you build up before you get everything taken from you. It’s really good in that regard, forcing you to figure out your problems in the early game, and kind of giving you breathing space to make mistakes.

The looks and the lyrics

The graphics are probably the weakest portion of this game, and they are pretty decent, actually. The game has character customization, even. It’s nothing spectacular, you won’t be able to make someone that resembles you or anything, but, that’s probably a good thing, because this game has tons of characters dying in it all the time. Your characters actually carry different weapons, and you can even notice the different armor they are wearing depending on what you equip them with. This is the great thing about games with fairly simple graphics, you can really do a lot when there’s less initial customization because you design each individual piece once, and it works on every character. The music is about average, and, as always, if I don’t remember it, it’s probably doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I really only remember super epic tunes, or super annoyingly out of place tunes, and I want neither in a basebuilding game.

“I’m going on a supply run.”

You’ll be building a base, but, the major thing that separates this game from a lot of the others in the genre is that you send a lot of people out for supplies. It’s kind of similar to how you’d expect it to go in real life, if scavenging was a thing. You wouldn’t want to just hang around the base all the time, but – the one thing that kinda bugs me, is that nobody seems concerned with ammunition, nor are there any surprise attacks. You generally get a warning that you’re about to be assaulted, and, at least, early on, it’s enough of a warning to bring the big guns back to base to defend the homestead. The team has been messing with stuff, even since release, and already has put out an update, fixing a few of the issues that people complained about early on in full release. One of the big problems early on was that ranged fighting was so powerful, having melee-specialized “tanks” was almost wholly unnecessary. In my longest playthrough, I had a single tank, no matter how bulky my party got, and he could barely get into attack range before the enemies died. But, it’s fixed now, and, the dev team is promising continued development as time goes on. I am SO happy about this.

So, you think you can apocalypse?

As a product, I think that Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is a great game, it’s nothing vastly different from the basebuilding genre as we know it, but there are some great improvements to the already fun games that are out in the world now. You won’t be disappointed if this is your first foray into the genre, but, if you’re a veteran of the type, don’t feel like you’re going to get your mind blown. There’s just not anything spectacularly different. Sometimes, that’s okay though. This is a fun game, I’m not sure I’d want anything to be massively different. It’s 20 bucks, and… like most basebuilding games, it falls into that category of, “I could play this game for 500 hours and still not really understand what I’m doing.” so, it’s DEFINITELY worth it, if you’re into the genre. The enemy types are varied, and there’s always something new to experience. The randomized map is exciting, and I enjoy travelling across it to find supplies.

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Disclosure: We received a free evaluation copy

Developed and Published by: Suncrash

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