Go, Go, Cameo! : An article about guest appearances, in a guest appearance. (oooh, so meta!)

Greetings, one and all!

Allow me first to introduce myself…

Editor’s Note: This is Blacksad, the artist is Juanjo Guarnido. I don’t know why the Chairman wanted this picture here, but he did.

I am the pre-posthumous, preposterous proprietor of the Half-Baked Creators League–

The Chairman!

In recent weeks, I’ve come to befriend the one called SNERD and as such; have infiltrated his stronghold, hacked his master computer and am now broadcasting to you on all channels.



It is in this spirit of cross-contamination that I’ve decided to use my time wisely by sharing with you lot, a quick look at some of my favorite titles in all of Gamedom that have themselves; included a guest appearance.

So here we go!

Sample I – Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne 

Ahh yes, if ever a fan of this series there was– I would be it!
Mega-ten has been in my life since the nineties and for good reason. The haunting mix of Japanese Demonology in the midst of a modern epoch truly sends an odd chill down my spine.

This handsome devil, pun intended.

It ever hints at a lurking apocalypse, just around the corner. Smiles everyone!

Now what makes this particular entry in the series special, is the addition of a famed hunter of his own kind.

Play your cards right, so-to-speak, and this demonic gunslinger will join your squad in rebellion against ruin and damnation! Kinda neat…

Sample II – Soulcalibur

Awwwww yeah… In all honesty, this should have been at the top of my list but–

This marvel of melee mayhem has featured NUMEROUS guest fighters during its tenure.
From Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima to the goddamn fresh prince of the force himself; Yoda!

Combining this with the stylish combat that can be counted on by the Soul series; it’s no wonder you’d find this near the top of my list.

And this is far from the only fighting game to be found.

Sample III – Super Smash Bros.

I can only assume that this game need no introduction. What HAS to be said for it
however is how it stands as a testament to the power Nintendo holds.

I say this of course, in reference to the fact that I can have Mario, Cloud Strife
AND Solid Snake all kick the ever-living shit out of Sonic the Hedgehog while being well within the scope of copyright laws.

God bless this mess. And god bless the ring cause there still ONE fighting game to mention…

Sample IV – Ehrgeiz

Bringing up Cloud Stife in my last example reminded me that it would not be his first
appearance in no-holds-barred fist-fest.

Ehrgeiz was one of those early PlayStation titles that fell between cracks in the
memories of many.. But not I! Nay– I fondly recount my time spent having that endless duel between Cloud and Sephiroth that I’d always wanted.

Literally endless. Practice mode was fun stuff. But anyways– there are more than
two characters from Final Fantasy VII to make an appearance in Ehrgeiz– give it a look!

To be honest, I could continue to list games that have featured a guest-host of sorts. But I’m afraid security has been alerted to my presence…

Not long now before I’m either naked and oiled up in an air vent, or bloodied in the back of a blacked out SUV.

Either way– it’s shaping up to be quite an luxurious Monday night..

We’re Adjourned~

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