Lost in Harmony – A beautiful game with a sad story.

You know how if someone comes up to you and is like, “There’s this game that was on mobile that they’ve ported over to Steam” – your immediate reaction is, “Why is this trash on Steam?” well, I’ve found a game that DOESN’T make you do that, because it’s actually good. (I mean, good on PC, or console, or whatever. I have no judgement on it’s mobile counterpart, because I don’t play mobile games.)


Play as adorably plucky animoo windswept hair young boy Kaito, on an adventure through his dreams with his girlfriend on his back as he skateboards around avoiding obstacles and attempting to play rock band at the same time, but this time using a controller! The game’s pretty amazing, trying to get players to do 2-3 things at once is insanity, and this game is totally okay with putting you in that position – but let me tell you something PC Enthusiasts, this game works better with a controller, and for those of us who are KB&M PC master racers, you’re gonna have a hard time with knowing which buttons are which. (Seriously, why doesn’t my xbox controller just have the same face buttons as my SNES does?) Anyway, there’s TONS of stuff to do at once, basically. But, it’s elements of runners, rhythm games, and it’s very story heavy, so, that combination works great.

Graphic-wise, this game is absolutely gorgeous. It’s stupid how pretty this game is. How this game actually existed on a cell phone is beyond me. I mean, not really, cell phones are incredible. Eminem once said, “I got a laptop in my back pocket.” and, I’m pretty sure he was referring to cellular phones. The level transitions are just incredible. I don’t even know if there’s a way to accurately portray the game other than seeing it for yourself. Look at the screenshots, watch the trailer, it’s a beautiful game. The audio is also incredible. The music is a lot of that “epic” soundtrack type music, which fits the theme and story of the game, at least on Kaito’s side, and from the robot’s game, M.I.R.A.I.’s Escape, it seems more… trance or electronic, which is just appropriate. The rhythm game is timed really well to the music, and the levels are synched extremely well overall to the soundtrack. You can really tell a lot of time and attention was paid towards putting the two pieces together, be that from a classical piece being used against a war-time background or about the calm after a storm, it’s VERY well put together. Pacing is incredibly important in this style of game, and Lost in Harmony delivers pacing in a way that I haven’t seen done before.

If you’re old, like I’m old, there are going to be sections of the music that are just… too fast paced for you to keep up with, and, that’s okay, you can beat the levels without getting 100% – and that’s what I had to do to keep going forward. I only failed one level once, and that was the first level. Once I had figured out what was going on, scoring was not a problem. (This is true for you guys who haven’t got laid yet, too.) The ability to shift focus between the rhythm game and the runner is something that will be a challenge if you’re not used to shifting your focus rapidly, BUT, the game allows plenty of room for mistakes and is designed in such a way that mistakes aren’t just okay, they are almost inevitable. (This fits really well with the story, but, an in-depth analysis of the story is probably a better place to mention that.) The game’s simple controls are excellent, but, the only reason you can tell that this was originally a mobile game is because of the reuse of animations and stuff. Every time you beat the level, the same animation plays. They use the same reactions in a lot of places, and, this isn’t inherently bad. They used the ladder animations from Chrono Trigger for dancing. In fact, most of the animations in that game were reused all over the place. It’s just… you can tell it was originally a mobile game IF you go looking for it.

Honestly, I’ve played most of Kaito’s story, but, haven’t got too deep in M.I.R.A.I.’s tale yet, and the reason I stopped in the second one, is because there wasn’t the cutscenes like in Kaito’s. I’m going to finish them both up, certainly, but, I want to be very clear about the game. If you’re interested in the game for the story, it’s not a lighthearted tale of happiness and thumbs up culture shit. It’s kinda sad – which isn’t a bad thing, just… don’t expect this to be some game you and your guy friends are going to go, “OH MAN, THAT GAME WAS SO BADASS AND SHIT BRUH!” because it’s not that kind of game. You might cry a little, so, make sure none of your friends are around to laugh at you.

I like this game, and, for $6.99, you’re getting an incredible game. As of this moment, during the Steam summer sale, it’s 20% off, so, you’re really getting it for $5.59 – a price that can’t be beat for a rhythm game that doesn’t suck. Check it out, you’ll probably love it, even for just the visuals alone.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed by: Digixart

Published by: Plug In Digital and Playdius

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