A Deiland Preview – Farm all you want on King Kai’s Planet

You know how you end up rolling around a small planet sized ball in Katamari Damacy? What if instead of that, you just lived on a ball that you could farm, y’know, I’m realizing about this far into the paragraph that my comparison doesn’t really work and we’re just talking about the planet that Goku trained on from when I remember Dragon Ball Z. Yeah, I haven’t seen Dragon Ball Z since it was on Toonami. If it’s been on there more than once, the first time, I don’t know, I’m old.

You’re on this tiny planet, and your job is to figure out how you’re gonna feed yourself… after that, people start asking you to do stuff, and it kinda snowballs. It’s not like… harvest moon in the sense that you’re growing crops to get more money to grow more crops, it’s more like a bunch of fetch quests that involve you doing harvest moon type stuff. There are some positives and negatives to this system, but, overall, the game kinda just lets you do whatever you want, and, if you’re going to progress, it’s because you’re following the prompts. Finding metal is frustrating, and you’re likely going to just slam your head against the rocks for hours attemping to get some metal out of it, but… just buy it from one of the merchants that lands every few days, mine when you aren’t farming or fishing, and just keep going. It’s kinda a neat little routine you fall into.

The graphics are sweet. I really enjoy the little planet feeling, it’s just enjoyable the whole way around. There’s nothing that stands out in a negative way, except… maybe sometimes you can’t see far enough over the horizon, y’know, ’cause the planet is so tiny. But, I think that’s part of the fun.

There are plenty of things that are interesting, but, one of the big issues I have with the game, is I don’t feel like I’m doing anything for me. I’m not saving up money, I’m not farming to further my empire, I feel like… I’m trying to survive in a world where I should be profiting from owning my own planet. See, the great thing about Harvest Moon was, that I never felt like I had to do anything to survive. It was just, entirely an economic mindset behind all the work. This motivated me to work hard to improve my station, as opposed to doing some of the less entertaining portions of the sim simply to survive. I’d rather NOT water my plants every day in harvest moon, but, I felt that doing so gave me an advantage, so… I kept watering. In this game, you have to wait for it to rain so that your wells fill back up, luckily, watering your plants just boosts the speed that they grow. There are tons of things to pick up, once you have a huge swarm of berry trees, and forests built, but, then you’re stumbling through knee-high bushes and bitching about the items disappearing too quickly (because if too many things end up on the ground, the game just… deletes them. Which is great for memory!) If you play it smartly, you don’t have to build huge forests, or things like that, which, is nice because you won’t be getting stuck on the trees and stuff.

One of the best parts of this game is the free-flow of building. When you’re slapping together fences, you can… kinda just put them however you want. So, I wrapped my whole garden area in one expansive fence, instead of individual fences. Just little touches like that go a long way in this game. If there was any quality of life

The game touches all of the elements of the Life-Sim Genre that I like, without all the management aspects that I don’t like. Sure, harvesting food is kind of a hassle, but, I never truly felt threatened by hunger. I suppose it was the one real reason to open my inventory. It’s not going to win game of the year or anything, but, I think that it’s a solid take on a harvest moon style game, with enough originality to set it apart from it’s competition, while touching on the points that are relevent to the genre.
I know, I mostly said a bunch of nonsense just now, but, it’s early and I’m not ready to be full of tomfoolery yet.

You won’t be disappointed in the game, that’s for sure. Add this game to your wishlist, because… even though I complain about it a bit, I still think it’s fascinating and worth checking out. One of the incredible things about this game is, I’ve sunk 11 hours into the preview that I got, and I feel like I’ve played maybe… two hours. That’s how lost I got on the little planet in the middle of a big sky full of traders and friends.

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Disclosure: We received our copy for free

Developed by: Chibig

Published by: 101xp

And a quick note: On a publisher sniff test… 101xp seems like a terrible, terrible Publishing House, with multiple games with atrocious reviews on Steam. (It appears that everything EXCEPT Deiland is a browser-style MMO game) I understand, they are just trying to make money, but, these are definitely the people that I think are problems in the Steam community. If these sort of publishers are the kinds of people you want to discourage, make sure to let developers know that they need to stick with good publishers and strong, consumer-focused practices.
While I’ve received a preview of Deiland, and think it’s a pretty swell game, just keep an eye out. Bad publishers have a way of ruining good titles.

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