WoC EVO Takeover

Hey Guys DJPRS sent me this video. He said, “This video is a showcase of what my team has been doing for over a year getting ready for EVO2018.
Wish us luck and I hope we can make you all proud.
WoC HYPE!!!!”

I don’t know a ton about competitive gaming, ’cause, I’m the best and I win at everything, but, these guys go hard in some fighting games. Keep an eye out!

Check out Weapon of Choice on Twitch

and be sure to see them this weekend at EVO2018 on Twitch!

www.twitch.tv/evo – Jump off, events, Top 8 finals
www.twitch.tv/evo1 – DBFZ
www.twitch.tv/evo2 – Smash melee
www.twitch.tv/evo3 – Smash wii U
www.twitch.tv/evo4 – Blazblue cross tag battle
www.twitch.tv/evo5 – Injustice 2/Tekken 7
www.twitch.tv/evo6 – Jump off
www.twitch.tv/evo7 – Events
www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters – Street Fighter V

Applicable Twitch channels stolen egregiously from  rooflemonger. 

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