Going Mad Vol. 2: An Adventure into Developing Adventure Games

So, last time I talked to you about Cat Game and Space Bunn, I was telling you about Jazz. (If you didn’t read it, you can read it here)

The thing about Jazzing your way through a game, is that while it’s really neat and helpful to just experience a bunch of things at once, we’ve started to nail down some things that we think are going to be really fun and worthwhile to your average player. (And you, the weirdo player. You know who I’m talkin’ to.)

One of the things we really wanted to figure out was how dying worked. We knew we kinda needed a failure option, but, we have two characters, right? You’re playing as one at a time, but, the other one’s gotta be watching, they ARE space suit wearing female warriors in a period of time with which monitoring your teammates while not currently in the action must surely be feasible, right? (<– This sentence feels like I wrote it drunk, but I’m not.)

So, now, when you fall off an edge, you just… spawn as the other character. This works because… you’re by yourself and you fall, so the other girl comes into start kicking butt. It also leads into how we “increased the difficulty during multiplayer” without actually doing anything. Basically – if you have the second character on the screen… you just can’t re-spawn as them. With two characters, this makes the game… more difficult, which is important because only one person is needed to solve puzzles. We’re still working on a re-spawn/get your partner back mechanic, but, that’s gonna take some time to figure out what we want to do.

So, the game’s basically designed to be Schrodinger’s video game. Is it a cat in a box, or is the cat AND the rabbit in the box? Well, it’s technically both, all the time. If you wanna play, hop in, the only thing stopping you is if your partner already killed one of the characters.

At first, we were looking really into Crash Bandicoot style 3D linear worlds with adorable mascot style characters and a bunch of gimmicks to keep people interested, but, we’re getting more and more pushed into a direction where we’re working on building maps that are less gimmicky and more… I don’t know, robust? We want to put some obstacles into levels, and, of course there will be some light combat, but, I think most of the game is avoiding actually killing you. We’re almost 100% on the fact that you can’t kill enemies. We think this will make it so that we don’t have to reset levels or force anybody to try to do anything over and over again, while maintaining most of the fun and action that people will want. This is sorta up in the air still, as we need to start putting our level designs through the ringer and see how people feel about them, but as far as theme, we’re fairly certain that we have the level ideas nailed down.

One of them that we’ve always thought was really important was a “refresher” level between basic worlds. If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy 7, at least up until the point of the famous motorcycle mini-game… we’re kinda thinking it’ll feel like that, but on a rocket, in space, and going super fast, also, you won’t be protecting anything, and, I’m not even sure if you can fall off or if you just explode or whatever. It’s not 100%, but, it’s pretty fun in my brain.

Another level we think is important, isn’t the water level, so, thank your lucky stars we didn’t add one of those, but, we added a train level? Ok, so, it’s still in development, so, if it ends up being not fun (or stupidly a lot of work to implement) we’re just not going to do it, but, it seems like something that will be fun, have lots of action, and be worth trying out.
Finally, we decided to transition away from Weeb-princess animoo a little bit, frankly, because we don’t know much about it and we’ve put out about 3-4 things that are definite hits on that front that even if we don’t do anything more to directly market to them, we feel like they’ll be interested because of our subject matter, so, we can sorta beat on the same drum for the foreseeable future in this game. We know a LOT about Super Sentai, (the power rangers, folks!) so, we’re probably going to use that as a bigger well of knowledge to draw from in the sense of having a thematic game going forward.

Don’t worry weebs, this doesn’t mean you’re outside of our target audience, it’s just… we’ve brought a lot more people in on the ride, and in a way that shouldn’t make you shudder. They’re just people, and, they’re probably kinda interested in the same things you are, even if they aren’t as straight up nerdy.
Part of this is two-phase boss fights, a significant mega-threat that sorta stands as the antagonist throughout the entire game, and knowledge of who they are the whole time. Basically, we need a Rita Repulsa, though, ours is going to be significantly different, as… most of our game is significantly different from your standard Super Sentai fare. (In fact, except Chroma Squad, I don’t know if I see a lot of Sentai type stuff in the market often.)

As of right now, we know that we want that two-phase boss fight, like you get in the Power Rangers, but, the way we’re going to bring that, while keeping it more difficult for two players is kind of a mystery. We’re currently working on 3-4 different genres of game we want that to feel like, but, whatever we decide to do, it’s going to feel familiar, but also fresh to you. We want it to be fun, but reek of nostalgia, and also be within our vision. That really limits us to about… 4-5 different ideas. Y’know, basically, if you don’t like it though, we don’t care THAT much. I mean, we develop games we want to play, if the mainstream gamers wanna be in it, that’s awesome, but, if they don’t, fuck ’em. We’re trying to enjoy life and build video games.

So, I hope this explains what we’re working on. I wish I had more info for you, but hey, it’s been like a week and that’s already better than most video game companies do. We’ll try to do it again soon. Also – I’m gonna be writing another game review soon, just… found this more important so it took me a bit.

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