Graveball – This game belongs on a console! (…saying that is gross!)

Graveball is a decent little game that’s slightly different than rugby, but, it should be thought of in the context of a rugby game.

Each team has 3 goblins, and those goblins have the goal of getting the ball to their opponent’s goal..? I don’t know, that sounds weird. The goal is to get the ball to the goal. It’s how you win the game, basically. Kill yourself and turn into a ghost to move fast, but, basically, it comes down to a bunch of goblins fighting each other while trying to complete a confusing and ultimately very chaotic task. It’s kinda what you’d imagine if a group of Goblins were playing a game. Killing your teammates, throwing axes across the room, tons of violence, and maybe, just MAYBE a goal is scored.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about. A real basic game graphically, but, they clearly have an idea and a goal. Like I said, it’s not anything super spectacular, but, the way you can customize your dude is pretty neat, and I’m okay with the graphics the way they are. I’m trying to bash heads in and potentially get a slam dunk, I’m not trying to look at graphically perfect goblins scratching their butts and snotting all over the place, that’s what imaginations are for. Besides, you can just… slice your throat open with a knife and kill yourself, so, maybe it’s okay that it’s not hyper realistic looking.

I think this game is really well designed for couch-style multiplayer. Something you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with in a party type setting. It’s possible to do that on a computer, but, it’s a lot less likely than with a console. That’s okay, because there’s online multiplayer, but, getting this to consoles would be a huge boon to the developers.
All that being said, the AI is fun to play against, and learning the ropes in a game so similar to rugby is refreshing, because it’s not another wonky football game or basketball game, or any of the other things that have been done to death, it’s kind of a unique take on a game that most Americans don’t often hear about or see. The game genre is workable, and I think it’s something that definitely should be expanded.

One of the only gripes I have about the environments as far as the gameplay goes is that it really feels like a Halloween gimmick game when you could flesh out the goblin culture, show a lot of interesting things about a universe where Goblins play sports, whatever. I mean, I’m not going to tell them how to make their game or whatever, but, some more fields would be great.

I think it’s a good game. It’s probably not going to have a huge multiplayer community, which is super sad, because it’s really fun. I really think they need to go out of their way to get on consoles as soon as possible with this game. That’s where a game like this will really make a big impact.

I like it, if you wanna play it sometime, get a buddy to come over and chill out on the couch, because… the internet is a cruel mistress for multiplayer games. It’s like Bloodbowl, except… ACTUALLY GOOD. Give it a damn try.

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Disclosure: We received this game for free.

Developed by: Goin’ Yumbo

Published by: 3D Realms 

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