Hack and Slash your way through the Dark Ages in Ancestor’s Legacy

Do you like RTS games? And… if you do, do you like ones where it’s mostly about moving units around and less about building 4 warp gates? Well, there’s some city management, but it’s weird. Either way, no 4 gating your way out of wood league.

Instead of moving individual units, you have squads of soldiers that all use the same type of weapon. Spear guys, Shield guys, whatever. What confuses me though, is if I was going to have a squad of dudes who all worked together, I’d put 2-3 shield guys, like… 5 guys with spears, and round out the team with a couple of guys with bows, you know, for ranged attacks, but, they’d probably have hand axes in case they had to rumble, of course, but, still, I’d have some well-rounded troops.

This game doesn’t do that, you get like, 10 guys with spears, doing spear stuff. Which, I understand, the thing I’m talking about would just make every unit the same and it would be unmanageable and not fun… so, incredibly smart on the game design front, guys!

I like the graphics, the units look cool, I like how they fight, they camp well, it all looks super cool. The sound is on point too. I personally think the game is absolutely beautiful, but, don’t take my word for it. Just watch the trailer… I don’t want to tell you how to judge the game’s looks, because at this point it’s just personal judgment, there’s nothing horrible about the UI getting in the way, or it being unwieldy or anything, so… it just depends on how detailed you want your guys carrying axes to be. I think it’s cool to send a hero unit from the campaign into the fray against 10 people by himself and watch him wreck an entire group of people with  guys just stabbing him with spears, but, that’s because solitary superhero type guys fighting a bunch of regular mooks in medieval times sounds like something we need to have more of in the world.

I like setting up ambushes by hiding in the tall grass, and lighting buildings on fire. Mechanics like this are really fun and make you feel like you’re a super tactical genius. Setting up traps is cool, but, I usually feel like I want to be the aggressor more than defensive, and traps are more of a defensive thing. The game does a good job of slowly teaching you how to play, but, sometimes i felt like I understood what needed to be done before the game did. Like… why do I only have 3 spear men, when I think I can have more? The game does an interesting thing about building cities… you don’t place buildings, they get placed for you, emphasizing the importance of troop movement as opposed to efficient building placement. (This is something that happens in Starcraft sometimes, like, blocking entrances with buildings while Terran, ect.) Once you get through the huge tutorial, the game gets MUCH more difficult, and you have a challenging, multi-front war game that is all about troop management.
Once you leave the tutorial, the usefulness of traps becomes VERY apparent as your forces will be pulled multiple directions and you’re put in a lot more situations where you can’t win with large numbers and just charging in. This is really where the game gets good, but… it’s after hours and hours of gameplay. It’s VERY micromanagement heavy, so it has some similarities to Starcraft, but the squad based gameplay is fresh and fun.

I think the game’s great, $45.00 is a big ask these days, but… if you’re into RTS games, this is a reasonable price. The developers who made Hatred have done a lot of work to make something completely different than their earlier entry, though, this is also violent and gory, it’s a much better topic than the 14 year old nerd with sociopathic tendencies wet dream that Hatred was. If you’re looking for historical realism, you’re in the wrong place, but, it’s neat to see a bunch of vikings covered in blood with axes hacking people to death. That’s some good gameplay. I personally wouldn’t play this game much more than I already have, because, it’s just not my genre, but, people who are into games like this will have a lot of fun, it’s a solid romp through a time when people didn’t bathe and fought with axes.

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Disclosure: We received this game on accident when the publisher was trying to give us Fell Seal, which we also reviewed!

Developed by: Destructive Creations

Published by: 1C Publishing EU

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