I had a HUEL-arious time trying powdered food!

So, I know normally I talk about video games and occasionally make articles about game development, but today I’m going to talk about something a little different.

I know, it looks like a bag of protein powder and it’s not something I’d normally do, right? Well, yeah, sorta. But, I like to review things and part of that is experimentation. Sometimes you gotta experiment with bags of mystery food you’ve never heard of by companies you’ve never seen anything made by, it’s like, the indie games but for food, technology, or whatever else comes up in life. Basically, I’m expanding. (But hopefully not in the waistline, HUZZAH)

So, long story short, I was on the facebook, and I saw a promotional ad for a product called “Huel” – this sounded hilarious to me, because it’s a bag full of powder that supposedly counts as food. Touting itself as vegan, healthy, and a bunch of other words that usually turn me away from such products, I messaged them and told them I would like to review their product, either because I’m into punishing myself unnecessarily, or because I need more culinary experience points to make the next tier of bacon sandwiches, after some conversation via email and a few days for delivery, I filled a shaker and tried Huel.

Things to know before I explain how I felt about Huel –

This is my box of Huel – It’s exciting to get stuff like this, but even MORE exciting when I get to share my experience with you guys.

1. Huel is a powder that you mix with water to create your daily value of calories and nutrients. It’s not food in the traditional sense.
2. I tried the Chocolate Mint Flavor, and, that WILL be different from other flavors.
3. I’m NOT on the road as often as I used to be, so, the main use of this product is less effective than it would have been, say, when I was wrestling every weekend.
4. I imagine this is how that food they eat in the Matrix works.
5. I talked to someone who has a degree in nutrition science, and they said it’s good for you. (Huel did not provide my scientist, btw)
6. Huel is a 100% vegan product, containing no meat or dairy.

I thought it was pretty good stuff, I mean, considering what it is. My wife described it as, “Chalky” but, I suspect that’s more of the chocolate mint rather than the original flavor. Either way, I didn’t have the chalky problem she did. You aren’t going to beat traditional food in the taste market. Hamburgers have been around since the dawn of mankind, and, if it was possible, somebody would have figured out how to beat it already. When you’re talking about something you can drink in two minutes, the beauty of this stuff is very apparent. If you’re driving down the road and you have a couple of water bottles and your shaker, you can have lunch without stopping at a fast food restaurant. If you’re working at the office and you really need to get that presentation done, so you’re thinking about skipping lunch, you can fill up a shaker and get some Huel in you. If you’re trying to be a survivalist and are snow-caving in the wilds of Canada, you can just make sure your bag of Huel doesn’t get wet, throw some snow into your shaker, some powder, and bam, you’ve got a meal.

I stole this from their website, because I am a terrible photographer.

Would I go out of my way to eat it instead of a normal breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Probably not, but, if I had a choice between skipping a meal or having some Huel? It’s definitely Huel every time. It’s healthy, there’s nothing to throw away, it takes 4 minutes total to scoop out powder, put it into the shaker, fill with water, shake, and drink. EZ PZ, no hassle for lunch, and a meal costs less than two bucks each.

My only actual complaint about Huel doesn’t even affect me – and it’s just that the product is NOT certified Kosher. So, if you only eat Kosher stuff, Huel is not for you, unfortunately. (I found this out because my buddy wanted to know, he was gonna get some, but now cannot.)

I like it. It’s not for everyone, but, if you like a little adventure now and again, and, maybe just aren’t a huge fan of sitting down for a whole meal and doing that whole jazz, Huel really fits into being a person about town who is too busy for a good, healthy meal, and too smart for that fast-casual heart attack that you’ll get from eating out of the drive thru too often. A lot of people are using it to supplement their gym time gains. I don’t know much about that, I was born with this body (You know, they call me the SWOLE-APERDS sometimes), so… gyms are not my wheelhouse.

Anyway, would I buy it? Yes, especially in an on-the-go type of job when I was trying to make sure I was controlling my weight. (I’m obviously a big ol’ fat dude, so, I’m not super good at that.) But, Huel is pretty decent when it comes to an on-the-go meal, it takes a few minutes to eat, and I felt full until my next meal, so… it wins in all those categories, even if it doesn’t taste like some magic wonder-food. I mean, it’s super healthy, do you expect it to taste like cake? ‘Cause it ain’t cake.

The way I prefer my Huel is as follows, and… if you use Huel, you’ll build your own recipe too, because everybody’s a little different.

  1. Just put in the amount of powder and water they tell you to. (Original Vanilla Flavor, don’t add anything from the flavor packets)
  2. Grab a spoon and get what would be considered an egregious amount of peanut butter. (Creamy obviously works better than Crunchy.)
  3. Put the peanut butter into your shaker, shake as directed, but probably a lot more aggressively, because… there’s peanut butter in it now.
  4. Get that little protein edge, a little extra on the calories, and enough flavor to hide the fact that you’re eating vegan anything.



Disclosure: We received this product for free, but were not compensated for our review.

I think I look super buff in their tiny shirt, too!



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