About our website:

We know  the guys who are looking for written reviews are doing it because they already realize that written reviews  are easier to hide at work or at college, because audio isn’t allowed in class or in your cubicle. This is the place you can get that, but we’re trying to add more as well. We want to let you know one of the most important things to us is a free press. We do not accept paid reviews or sponsorship deals that change how we operate. We strive for honesty and excellence in what we produce. A lot of people complained about paid reviews destroying integrity in the world of gaming, well, we don’t owe anybody anything here. We’re doing this for the people who want to get honest opinions on games, or hear interviews from developers and gaming celebrities.  The whole process is going to be transparent.  All of the funding for this site comes from the patrons who support us on Patreon, and maybe in the future will include affiliates  or products we actually enjoy or want to promote. Thank you.


Job Title: Captain of the USS Internets

Bio: The SNERDAPERDS is a reviewer and the webmaster for this website, and has been writing since 2006. SNERD has had many jobs, including professional wrestler, commercial sales manager, and is the press officer for Masondogg Studios. SNERD also has an English degree from Green River Community College.
SNERD is currently drinking too many beers.
SNERDAPERDS lives in North Carolina.




Name: SilentHunter

Job Title:  Archer, Reviewer, Aquanaut

Bio: SilentHunter is a reviewer for the SNERDAPERDS website since 2018. He has done a fair few reviews on Steam, and plans to work on reviewing games and hardware peripherals. A proper legend in the UK, Hunter is eclectic in his tastes, but prefers strategy, pencil and paper, and other smart people games.


Name: cruuump

Job Title:  Rockstar, Philosopher, Master Strategist

Bio:   cruuump is a reviewer for this website, coach for KILLINGeSPORTS CS:GO team, and DADmin the Gay Gamer Dads Steam Group. He graduated from the University of Houston in May of 2017 with a degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology and is still looking for a big boy job.
cruuump lives in Texas.